The New Generation of Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Lynxter was founded in 2016 by three engineering graduates with an idea to challenge the normal design, production and supply thinking by making a smarter, more professional 3D printer. After winning an innovation competition which encouraged aerospace giant Airbus to place an order, Lynxter released their first machine in 2018 to much acclaim. Since then, they have continued to develop upon conventional thinking within additive manufacturing in their development of innovative tool heads and liquid materials.

Lynxter represents a new generation of industrial 3D printing manufacture. They are leading the way with the S600D – their first modular 3D printer capable of printing with silicones, thermoplastics, and pastes.

Their products are all designed and manufactured with passion at the Lynxter workshop in the city of Bayonne, France. They have an open door policy with their technology – their lab is yours! All of their 3D printing procedures and research are open-source, and they encourage collaboration with their team to experiment with new materials.

Their flagship model, the Lynxter S600D, is an open additive manufacturing ecosystem featuring a modular quick-change toolhead system which empowers you to print in the largest range of materials available on the market today.

Each toolhead unlocks a multitude of printing possibilities including single/dual material extrusion, and they are capable of utilising both fused deposition modelling (FDM/FFF) and liquid additive manufacturing (LAM) processes.

Lynxter boasts a range of unique materials as well as third-party material qualification processes. By working with forward-thinking product developers and engineers, Lynxter is able to provide you with the tools you need to bring your ideas to life.

As Lynxter enables printing in complex materials such as thermoplastic filaments, liquid silicones and ceramic pastes, sectors like aerospace, automotive, medical, R&D, industrial manufacturing, and tooling are able to engage in new applications for 3D printing.

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3D Printing from Lynxter Printer Range

S600D Lynxter

Print with filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), pastes (ceramics) in high quality.

S600D Lynxter

Print with filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), pastes (ceramics) in high quality.

Lynxter S600D

Universal 3D Printer with quick-change toolhead technology to allow printing in filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), pastes (ceramics) in high quality.

Technology: FFF, LAM
Build Volume: 390 mm x 600 mm
Minimum Layer Resolution: 50 μm
Materials Available: PP, PEKK, PETG, PA Carbon Fiber, PC, TPU 85 ShoreA, ABS Carbon, ABS, ESD, PC, PET, PETG Carbon, PLA, Silicone RTV1 34 ShoreA, Silicone RTV1 57 ShoreA, Silicone RTV2 40 ShoreA, Silicone RTV2 25 ShoreA, Alumina, Cordierite, Zircon,Clay, Stoneware, Porcelain
Opensource: Yes
Cost Of Machine: Price on Request

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3D Printing from Lynxter

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3D Printing from Lynxter

See how the S600D prints in silicones, thermoplastics and ceramics

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Lynxter’s S600D

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Printing an intake manifold in PEKK material with Lynxter

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3D Printing from Lynxter

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Commonly asked questions about 3D Printing with Lynxter

Making silicone parts with a 3D printer instead of using traditionally manufactured moulds allows designers to produce silicone prototypes quickly and make adjustments to their CAD designs, as well as re-printing those prototypes with minimal costs and fast turn-arounds.
The Lynxter S600D can print with just about any material by fitting one of five changeable toolheads enabling printing of filament, liquid and pastes quickly and easily. Depending on the toolhead the 3D printing technology is either Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) or Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM)
The Lynxter S600D can print with filament (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), and pastes (ceramics).
Yes we can show you Silicone 3D printing at our Additive-X Technology Centre – get in touch to make an appointment or find out which exhibitions and events we are taking the Lynxter S600 to. We can also demonstrate the printer to you via a video call.