3D Printer Training

Learn how to get the best possible results from your 3D printer. Additive-X can help you to increase efficiency, maximize your investment and engage with teams to roll out 3D printing in your organization. Like 3D printers there is no ‘one size fits all option’ in training, which is why all Additive-X training courses are bespoke to your objectives based around your application, industry, and level of expertise.

We want you to be curious and experiment with your 3D
printer, but we also want you to benefit from our experience and knowledge
needed to operate your new technology at a top level.

We have a fantastic purpose-built technology centre,
situated ten minutes’ drive from the A1M. Here we are able to deliver our
training courses in person, we are also able to come to your facility or
deliver training virtually, so you don’t even have to leave your postcode!

Why use Additive-X training?


Benefit from training in 3D printing, learn how to get the best possible results from your 3D printer from the Additive-X team of experts and technicians.

What is included in a typical 1 day course?

Here is what you can expect to learn on a 1 day course

What else you can get from Additive-X training?

We will teach you in depth about the hardware, software, materials, and maintenance for your 3D Printer.