The Best Places to Get Free 3D Printer Files

The Best Places to Get Free 3D Printer Files!


Not everyone will admit it, but most professional CAD designers use free websites and libraries to download 3D printer files.

Whether you are a beginner at 3D printing or not, there are loads of great platforms you can use to bolster your files and print cool things.

Below, you’ll find a selection of 3D printing websites and model repositories where creative minds converge to create wonderful models you can print too.

Let’s jump in!


Thingiverse Free 3D Printing Files

Thingiverse is the largest 3D model repository on the internet, with 2,288,750 3D models published at the time of writing.

Created in 2008, Thingiverse has STL files for every conceivable technology platform (e.g., FFF, SLA). There’s an unbeatable collection of free 3D printer files to download from a dedicated community of makers.


Instructables Free 3D Printing Files

Instructables is a great repository for fun and practical creations, letting you print anything from Mandalorian helmets to micrometre stands.

This 3D model library is best for DIYers and hobbyists wanting interesting 3D files that don’t take things too seriously. Note that Instructables also has other crafts – for 3D printing, just select the 3D printing category in the workshop.


Youmagine Free 3D Printing Files

Youmagine is a repository of over 19,000 free 3D printer files, and they are some of the highest quality on the internet.

The website is similar to Pinterest in the way it lists files, with boards covering various collections, including At Home, Quick Prints, Animals and Utility. You can download any files for free and upload your own designs for free too.



Cults is best for decorative and playful models, with free and paid models from professional and hobbyist makers.

This is a great platform for jewellery, fashion, décor and art, with the architecture category having a few interesting models not found anywhere else. The standard of 3D models is high, and we like the accessible pricing for premium models.



MyMiniFactory is heavily augmented towards gaming, role-playing and geek culture, with no end of models inspired by anime and cult heroes.

This platform is free up to a point, with a free account letting you download from the free STL library. However, many of the best models are premium files, so MyMiniFactory has a smaller overall collection of good free files.


Zortrax Library

The Zortrax library used to be for Zortrax 3D printer users only, but the company opened it up in 2016, so everyone can print high-quality models.

The quality of models in the Zortrax Library is consistently high, and you can find models in a wide range of categories, from education to games and household objects. You’ll need to sign up for a free account, but it’s totally worth it.



Originally launched as community hub Printables by Josef Prusa boasts 235,000 registered users since 2019 and 600 makes per day. Printables take their time to curate uploaded objects, support individual designers and organise community contests to motivate creators to come up with new, fun and useful designs.

You will have to sign up for a free PrusaAccount to get access to Printables, but it is worth noting that you don’t have to own a Prusa printer.


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