My GoPrint3D Work Experience

Over the course of the past working week, I had the pleasure of working as an employee of GoPrint3D – specialists in the resale of 3D printers and supplies, based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. I was welcomed into a warm working environment – both literally and metaphorically – of hard working employees. At the start of the first day, I was introduced to a few members of staff that work in the building, namely the members specialising in GoPrint3D. But more importantly, I was introduced to a variety of different models and samples that had been made by their very own 3D printers. One of the most distinctive of the models was a remarkably real-looking replica of a human skull. Its attention to detail was very impressive ; I didn’t know 3D printers could print with such accuracy…


I had spent most of the day inputting information of business cards into a database. My first task wasn’t as glamorous as the second, nevertheless it was a good experience that tested my perseverance. And it wasn’t even that bad anyway!

On the second day, I was invited to design and 3D print my own customised phone case. Being not very creative, I simply used an image of a logo to imprint/engrave onto the case, along with my initials at the bottom. After a few failed prints and much help from a kind and very knowledgable GoPrint3D expert, Mike Sweeney, we managed to print a case that I was definitely proud of.

Matt Young's Phone Case

Over the next few days, I did copywriting work for the new GoPrint3D website that is soon to go live. I thoroughly enjoyed editing images and adding text to be placed on the website. David, the person responsible for me over the week, and I managed to add  a new product to the website : the Afinia H800 3D printer. The link to the page can be found here.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed my week of work experience at here at GoPrint3D. I learnt new skills, particularly in copywriting, that will be useful to me for years to come when I get a ‘real’ job. But perhaps the most valuable experience was simply being in a work environment, especially a healthy work environment like GoPrint3D’s.