3D Printing for Supply Chain Management

“Supply chain professionals predict 3D printing will eventually rival the impact of Henry Ford’s assembly line”

(Global Supply Chain Institute White Paper “New Supply Chain Technology Best Practices” April 2017)

Additive Manufacturing is a powerful tool, innovative and disruptive enough to help you achieve the biggest goals in your business.

Significantly reduce your manufacturing costs - Overcome geopolitical risks and avoid import tariffs - Improve customer service - Reduce your carbon footprint - Drive innovation for competitive advantage.

Shorten Lead-Times
Manufacture Locally
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Digital Inventory
Production On-Demand

Why do we need additive manufacturing in the Supply Chain?

Additive manufacturing gives you in-house resources and flexibility to be able to respond quickly to problems in your supply chain. 3D print parts, jigs, fixtures, tools, prototypes and more to reduce shortages, pivot production lines and reduce downtime

What can you achieve with 3D Printing?

Iterate rapidly with multiple functional prototypes. Spend less time and money than you would on conventional tooling for what might be a short production run. Choose from an ever-expanding range of materials including many with speciality and manufacturing-specific properties.

Why additive over conventional manufacturing?

You can re-design for additive manufacturing; combining multiple parts into a single assembly, incorporating a reduction in weight and material usage.

Considering the switch to additive manufacturing?

Don’t hesitate, invest in an in-house 3D printer today! Businesses just like yours are benefiting from the technology and you can too. Additive-X can help you choose a suitable printer, install it, train your team and then we are there to support you every step of your 3D printing journey.

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Ideal For Supply Chain Management

Markforged Mark Two™

Desktop Composite 3D Printer with Fibre-Reinforced Printing for strong parts

Markforged X7™

Industrial carbon fibre and composite 3D printer

Markforged X7 Digital Forge Industrial Fleet Solution

Bundle with X7 3D Printer + 2 x Mark Two Desktop Printers, Materials, Blacksmith, Success Plan + Markforged University

Formlabs Form 3L

Large-format SLA 3D Printer for affordable large-scale part production

Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W

Truly Rapid SLS For High-Performance Parts in Hours, Not Days

Builder Extreme 1500 PRO HC

Large and wide Builder Extreme industrial FFF 3D Printer + Heated Chamber

Reliable • Experienced • ISO 9001:2015 certified

Ready to explore some 3D printing options? You’re in great hands with Additive-X

Supply Chain Solutions

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