Welcome to the Additive-X font of knowledge for all things relating to 3D printing. Here you will be able to you will be able to find out how additive manufacturing works, which materials and printers are best suited to different applications and how to ask the right questions about your applications to find the right technology for you.

You can explore how our customers at businesses of all sizes, across diverse industries are leading the way in how to grow 3D printing from prototyping tools to game changing technology.

3D Printing Service

You can bring your ideas to life with the Additive-X printing service. You send us your ideas and what material you are after. The technical team will assess your ideas and start printing your part.


Learn how to get the best possible results from your 3D printer from the Additive-X team of experts and technicians. Our 3D printing courses are bespoke to you and your company. Our training courses are based around your application, industry and level of expertise. We want you to be curious and experiment with your 3D printer, but we also want you to benefit from our experience and knowledge needed to operate your new technology at a top level.


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10 Benefits of Large Format SLA 3D Printing for Businesses Large-format 3D printing is traditionally the remit of fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers, which extrude plastic in layers with a mechanical print head. However, stereolithography (SLA) advancements now let you accurately create big models and put small series runs into production with liquid resin. Large format SLA is a different type of solution to […]


How can we help you?
Here we have collated questions that we get asked on a regular basis about Additive-X, how to order, deliveries and technical issues. Here you can see if your question has been answered! If it hasn’t, or if you want to learn more about the types of technology and best fit for your application, speak to one of our 3D printing specialists, we love talking about Additive Manufacturing and the solutions it can provide!

Request A Sample

Ensuring that you choose the right additive manufacturing solution for your application is our priority and we know that one size rarely fits all. Having a physical sample of a 3D printed part in your hand to show quality, material properties, durability and abilities can ultimately help the decision-making process.
We have a wide range of manufacturers with over 30 different printer between them, capable to print in a variety materials from PLA to metal. As we have no ties to a single manufacturer, we are proud to able to provide expert impartial advice to you and samples from our printers direct to you to assess the print quality and material properties.

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