3D Printing In Innovation and R&D

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Why do we need 3D Printing in Innovation and Research & Development?

3D printing continues to revolutionise the design process. Simple or small designs can be printed in a matter of hours, while large or more complex prints can take a day or two. This leads to faster and cheaper prototypes, which also allows for small scale design competitions. Create quick mock-ups for concept meetings or functional prototypes to test real-life scenarios. 

3D Printing reduces lead times for design iterations enabling users to print sections or modules; opening experimental and design freedom without traditional prototype lead times and cost constraints while limiting print times (just change and print the section required). The wide range of materials available in 3D printing means the user can use as close as possible to the actual manufacturing process material or experiment with new materials.

What can you achieve with 3D Printing?

3D printing enables clear communication and easy collaboration between teams and locations. Send a print file from one site to be printed on another, allowing experimentation and iteration processes to be run quickly and cheaply. You can print strong parts, huge parts, delicate parts, detailed parts, complex parts, jigs, fixtures, fittings – everything from toys to tools.

Why additive over conventional manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is more affordable and accessible than ever before. Just one 3D printer and one simple workflow can provide access to 30+ materials so you can print models which look and feel very different from soft and squishy to hard and shiny and everything in between.

Can you get funding to buy a 3D printer for R&D?

Contact the team at Additive-X to find out more about grants, R&D tax credits and leasing options which may be available to you. When you work in Innovation or Research and Development, investment in a 3D printer is investment in your future. Of course, when you haven’t got the right technology or material in-house, you can still outsource to Additive-X’s 3D printing service.

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Ideal For Innovation and R&D Printing

Lynxter S600D

Print with filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), pastes (ceramics) in high quality.

Formlabs Form 3+

Affordable high-quality SLA 3D Printer from Formlabs for functional parts and prototypes

Formlabs Form 3L

Large-format SLA 3D Printer for affordable large-scale part production

BCN3D Epsilon W27

Independent dual-extrusion FFF 3D printer with large build volume

Builder Extreme 1500 PRO HC

Large and wide Builder Extreme industrial FFF 3D Printer + Heated Chamber

Reliable • Experienced • ISO 9001:2015 certified

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Innovation and R&D

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Innovation and R&D

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Innovation and R&D

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What Are Those? They're 3D printed high heels, of course!

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Case Study: Creating 3D Printed Historical Artifacts

Printing a GoPro Skateboard Mount with the Form 2