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Why do Universities and Colleges need 3D printers?

Since 3D printing is changing the way we make things in almost every sector of industry, the workforce of the future needs 3D printing experience!  Universities all over the UK continue to invest in innovative AM technology accessible to students of a wide-range of disciplines.

What can you achieve with 3D Printing?

With the latest 3D printing technology Universities open up new research possibilities, attract funding and forge collaborations with the business community. 3D printing makes headlines.

Why focus on AM over conventional manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing is impossible to ignore – fast-growing, fast-innovating, with new machines and new materials opening up new possibilities for research and development everyday. It’s an engaging technology and is a key element of digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Considering your next investment in additive manufacturing technology?

You want to buy your 3D printers from the right people, Additive-X have real partnerships with UK universities and can provide multiple references. We can help you choose the latest AM technology, install and commission it for you, train your team and provide support for every step of your 3D printing journey.

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Ideal For Colleges and Universities Printing

Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W

Truly Rapid SLS For High-Performance Parts in Hours, Not Days

Formlabs Form 3+

Affordable high-quality SLA 3D Printer from Formlabs for functional parts and prototypes

Formlabs Form 3B+

Desktop SLA 3D Printer for Healthcare applications, full material library incl. biocompatible

Formlabs Form 3L

Large-format SLA 3D Printer for affordable large-scale part production

Markforged Mark Two™

Desktop Composite 3D Printer with Fibre-Reinforced Printing for strong parts

Markforged Onyx Pro™

Easy to use Desktop Continuous Fibre Reinforced 3D Printer

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Colleges and Universities

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Colleges and Universities

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How can you use additive manufacturing solutions in your industry?
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Colleges and Universities

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How can you use additive manufacturing solutions in your industry?
See real life businesses in action, watch videos, read case studies, explore your potential...

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