3D Printing In TV and Film

Save time and money on Prop design and manufacture

Prop Makers across the world use 3D printers to turn ideas into props ready for use on-set next-day - from spectacles to shields and photon blasters

Prop making
Moulds for casting

How important is 3D printing in TV and Film?

Head of Props at Marvel Studios, Russell Bobbitt explains just how integral 3D printing has become to his extensive prop design and  manufacturing operation. He has 8+ 3D printers or “machines” as he calls them, working 24/7.

A new prop can be in use right off the 3D printer 24 hours after the director has an idea. It can easily be reprinted bigger or smaller,  making it easy to achieve the perfect scale for the actor. Every prop manufactured has to pass the “Russell test” for reliability (it’s thrown 20 feet in the air  before it drops to the ground) to avoid expensive hold-ups.

Russell embraces new materials, printing with Formlabs harder resins which can easily be painted, softer resins for stunts, or if they are going for an ageing effect..Other props are cast for production so he also 3D prin

How does 3D printing fit in the creative process?

Typically designers model in CAD from a colour concept drawing for both 3D printing and CNC machining. Multiple prototypes can be 3D printed before the final production phase, whether that is also 3D printing, or maybe casting from a 3D printed mould. It is easy to 3D print multiple copies of an item for resets and to 3D print bigger or smaller options. Equally the artist can make changes to the design in CAD before 3D printing new versions

Why printing over conventional manufacturing?

3D printing is an iterative process going from idea to physical object is perfect for the creative industries. Printers are cheap labour, working 24/7 so that new props and other pieces can be ready and in use 24 hours after a new idea is born. It doesn’t stop with props either – pieces can be printed for costumes and sets

Considering which 3D printer to buy?

The Formlabs Form range is a favourite within the TV and film industry, providing high quality, detailed prints in a range of materials – soft, rubber-like, hard and tough, suitable for casting, perfect for painting and much more. The printers are affordable and accessible with software and post-processing options which make a smooth end-to-end solution.

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