Zortrax Announces M200 Plus 3D Printer

M200 Plus

Zortrax has announced a new 3D printer today. The M200 Plus builds on the impressive M200 3D printer, which was launched three years ago. It adds wireless connectivity to the build and several hardware upgrades to bring it bang up to date.

In addition to announcing a new 3D printer, Zortrax has also launched Z-SEMIFLEX, a semi-flexible thermoplastic with the highest resistance to warping, high temperature, ripping, abrasion, chemical substances, and impacts of any Zortrax material.

Th M200 which the M200 Plus is based on is Zortrax’s best-selling 3D printer. Launched in 2015, it has delivered high-performance desktop 3D printing to designers, engineers and hobbyists alike for more than three years. The M200 Plus update has come at the right time, as more and more 3D printers are launched with consumer-friendly features.

The M200 Plus has the following all-new features:

– Wi-Fi Module to manage 3D printers using Z-SUITE 2. You can now quickly transfer ZCODEX files wirelessly. There’s also an Ethernet connection available if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.

– Upgraded extruder and build platform for more reliable 3D printing. The new extruder and build platform is also necessary to 3D print the new Z-SEMIFLEX filament.

– Material end detection for better print management. This automatically detects when the filament is running low, so you can prepare to change it out. This should help users print more efficiently.

– Built-in touchscreen to improve user experience. This is powered by a new quad-core processor for a fast, seamless user experience. The touchscreen is easy to use and lets you control all printer settings.

– Built-in camera which can be used to remotely monitor prints. The camera / webcam can also record prints for training purposes or to simply document builds. A useful feature that not all 3D printers have.

The M200 Plus uses LPD technology. Layer Plastic Deposition is another name for Fused Filament Fabrication. It works by melting a thermoplastic and building up layers one layer at a time on a build plate. It offers excellent repeatability and dimensional accuracy. We recommend this technology for a wide range of applications. Zortrax’s materials list also plays a role in this. The M200 Plus supports a huge range of materials including Z-ULTRAT and Z-HIPS.

Interested? the M200 Plus will go on sale soon. We’ll update this article with availability as soon as it is available.