Your Guide to the Builder Extreme 2000 Pro

Builder Extreme 2000 PRO

Do you produce very large, bespoke models? If 3D printing is a viable manufacturing process for you, the Builder Extreme 2000 Pro could be your new favourite partner. It has an enormous (and very, very tall) build volume for fabricating large parts. Best of all, it’s easy to use and supports a wide range of filaments, including PET and PLA.

The tech specs

The Builder Extreme 2000 Pro is one of the biggest 3D printers we sell. With its 700 x 700 x 1700 mm build volume, it’s also one of the tallest printers in the world. The printer itself is 1340 x 1050 x 2240 mm in size, so it’s no desktop appliance — you’ll need a good chunk of space on your production line for it. But that’s what it’s all about. This big, meaty 3D printer is designed to print parts no others can.


As you might have already guessed, the technology is fused filament fabrication, an additive technology (you start with nothing and build material up to make your model). In this particular application, the printer has industrial-grade mechatronics and a high-performance hot-end to ensure outstanding print results. The print speed is up to 120 mm/s, which is fast – the fastest printers usually only manage 150 mm/s.

Connectivity wise, you’re looking at Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet. You can send your files to print remotely via the supported software, Simplify 3D, which is arguably one of the very best 3D printing software solutions out there. It lets you simulate your prints in advance and calibrate the printer down to a tee. You can also easily switch between machines, so if you have a line of printers the software can accommodate that.

Materials and features

One of the first things you notice about the Builder Extreme 2000 Pro is its touchscreen panel, located on the right side of the machine. The 7-inch touchscreen allows you to fully control your prints at source without your computer. This means you can adjust your prints while watching your models be made through the viewing window. For security, the doors are also locked and will only open if the print is paused.

There’s also an on-board camera. This can be used to record the printing process or to remotely monitor progress. You can view the live camera feed from your computer, laptop or mobile. A compatible app is needed but it’s free.

The Builder Extreme 2000 Pro has a few notable usability features too. It has a semi-automatic system for levelling the print bed. If the print bed is not levelled correctly, a 3D printer can start printing above the print bed. The built-in calibration takes care of this for you. The manual side to the system is simply a takeover system, so if you want to adjust the print bed manually you can. There’s also a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system which will resume the print for you after a power outage.

In terms of materials, the Builder Extreme 2000 Pro can 3D print a wide range of 1.75mm filaments, including PVA support material, PLA for visual prototyping, special PLA for specific projects, PRO1 (ABS alternative), PET for food-safe products and strong parts, and a flexible filament called Innoflex which is rubberlike with good elasticity. You can also print with a number of ColorFabb filaments, such as BronzeFill.


In the box you get a nozzle set (0.4, 0.8, 1.2mm), a spare set of Teflon tubes, a pressure plug for cleaning the nozzles, glue, a paint roller for the glue, a manual AstroBox which lets you connect your printer to the AstroPrint cloud, levelling tools and of course, the printer itself. That’s everything you need to get started, sans filament.

Overall, the Builder Extreme 2000 Pro is an exceptional 3D printer. The models it makes have great quality and they’re printed quickly too. The real draw of this machine though is the stonking 700 x 700 x 1700 mm build volume. It’s tall enough to print a surfboard in one go, and that sheer build volume gives you flexibility to design parts without size limitations. It’s a true do-it-aller. An outstanding machine.

Who is it for? Engineering firms and design firms who produce large, bespoke parts. The 2000 Pro is excellent for prototyping.

You can buy your Builder Extreme 2000 Pro here.