Inspiring the Next Generation Through Work Experience

Work Experience student Hamish with GoPrint3D technician and student mentor, Rachael Sharp

The past few months have seen no fewer than five students pass through GoPrint3D’s doors to give young people a chance to experience the world of work. It’s been a busy time with pupils from Ripon Grammar School, Thirsk School & 6th Form College, St. Aidans and York College each spending a week or more with us.

Hamish loading material into a 3D Gence Double P255

Our latest student is Hamish who decided to 3D print a battery dispenser as a gift for his grandfather. Apparently whenever he needs a battery in his workshop he spends a long time searching through draws. Hamish 3D printed this AA & AAA battery dispenser so that his grandfather can simply attach it to the wall and save all that time!

3D printed battery holder. Part shown still on supports.

The battery holder took approximately three hours to print in Draft Resin on a Formlabs Form 2, then it was washed in iso-propylalcohol (IPA) for ten minutes. Once the supports are removed the battery holder will be good to go!

Alongside this, Hamish was also involved in a GoPrint3D material testing project to see if the claims made by the manufacturer were true. This included slicing files, printing them, rigging up a device in order to test the strength of the parts and then recording the results for analysis.

We would just like to say thank you to all of the students, pupils, schools and teachers who have been involved. We wish you all a very happy and relaxing summer!