Why Buy From Additive-X?


There’s no shortage of retailers to buy a 3D printer from, but there is a shortage of additive manufacturing experts selling 3D printers.

Additive-X is an additive manufacturing specialist. We are more than just a retailer – we live and breathe the 3D printing industry. We are immersed in the application of the technology, not just in the sale of machines and filaments.

Here are 8 reasons why you should buy a 3D printer from Additive-X:

  1. We are a partner to the biggest names in 3D printing

We are an authorised UK reseller and partner to Formlabs, Ultimaker, Markforged, Essentium, 3DGence, Builder 3D, 3D Platform and Mayku. We only partner with brands we believe make the highest-quality products.

  1. The biggest brands trust us as their 3D printing supplier

Some of the companies that have chosen Additive-X as their supplier for additive manufacturing technology include 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Samsung and the BBC. We are proud to be trusted by brands big and small.

  1. Get industry-leading 3D printer training

We don’t just sell 3D printers – we also train you to use them. Training is delivered by friendly, patient and approachable instructors experienced in using over 30 different 3D printers from more than 12 manufacturers.

  1. We have dedicated brand specialists

We have dedicated specialists for all the brands we are a partner to. This means we can demo, discuss, compare and debate the technical aspects of all the 3D printers, materials and parts we sell. This ensures the highest-quality advice.

  1. All advice is 100% unbiased

We are not motivated by selling any single brand nor are we motivated by increasing our average sale per customer. We intend to sell the right product based on what you want to achieve, your budget, and your performance requirements.

  1. We offer industry-leading technical support

Some of the biggest names in 3D printing trust us to provide technical support for them. This reduces technical support complexity for our customers. If you need technical support, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

  1. We can help you additively manufacture anything

We don’t sell 3D printers – we sell solutions to solve manufacturing challenges. We can help you set up a production line for replacement parts, prototypes, jigs, fixtures, fittings, art, medical devices, models, figurines and much more.

  1. We are a well-established and reputable company

Additive-X is a new name for a company with roots stretching back to 1986. Back then, we specialised in ink and LaserJet printers. Today, Additive-X is a pureplay additive manufacturing specialist with significant industry leadership.

Are you ready to choose Additive-X?

Additive manufacturing needs to be tailored to your individual needs. We will work alongside you to investigate and help build a business case for introducing or expanding your additive manufacturing capabilities.

Why should you buy from us? In a sentence: because we make additive manufacturing work for you so you can achieve your goals.

Contact our award winning team on 01765 694 007 or sales@additive-x.com