Who are Lynxter? – Introducing a new technology at Additive-X

We are incredibly excited to partner with Lynxter to bring you a new 3D printing technology that prints filaments, liquids and pastes. S600D_Lynxter



Additive manufacturing is unbeatably versatile, but one of the often-cited limitations is that if you want to manufacture absolutely everything with one machine, you’re out of luck – 3D printers are limited by their core technology/print process.


That is, until now.  

French company Lynxter has developed a new 3D printer that lets you switch between different processes – filament, pastes, and liquids – with user-switchable tool heads. It’s the perfect machine for innovating manufacturing and tooling processes.

Watch the Lynxter S600D print a silicone suction cup gripper below:



Lynxter S600D

The Lynxter S600D utilises FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) and LAM (Liquid Additive Manufacturing Technology) to print an enormous range of materials. You can print silicone, carbon PA, PP, PEKK, aluminium filament, polycarbonate, TPU, clay, porcelain, PP glass fibre, PCL and many more materials by swapping out tool heads.

Switching out tool heads takes a matter of minutes, and there are five models, each printing a material family. Other than switching out a tool head, you only need to load the filament and select the print profile. Simples!

Additionally, operators can swap between 0.15 mm to 1.2 mm nozzles for varying detail and print speeds, unlocking unlimited applications.

Here’s a complete list of materials supported by the S600D:

  • ABS-PC
  • ASA
  • CLAY
  • PLA
  • PC
  • PP
  • PCL
  • PETG
  • PEKK
  • RTV1 34 SHOREA
  • RTV2 40 SHOREA
  • RTV2 10 SHOREA
  • RTV2 25 SHOREA
  • TPU 95 SHORE A

This fascinating technology is the first of its kind, and we are delighted to announce a partnership with Lynxter to bring the technology to you.

Additive-X has partnered with Lynxter to resell the S600D and provide support, offering you a unique opportunity to invest in this transformational technology.

Having tested this printer extensively, we can vouch for the quality and ease of use, which is up there with the best printers on the market.

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