Who are BCN3D Technologies? Welcoming A New Partner to Additive-X


We are delighted to partner with BCN3D Technologies, bringing a range of exciting desktop 3D printers to the Additive-X range.


Additive-X is proud to only partner with the ‘best-in-class’ technologies so after our engineers have thoroughly road tested the BCN3D Epsilon W50 SC we are happy to announce that we are now a certified re-seller! Our engineers all agree that their printers are exceptional machines, suitable for engineers, professionals and manufacturers alike.


Based in Barcelona, BCN3D recently announced a breakthrough 3D printing technology called Viscous Lithography Manufacturing (VLM), a resin-based lithography technology that unlocks manufacturing autonomy.


With VLM, thin layers of high-viscosity resin are laminated onto a transparent film built up to create detailed three-dimensional models.


One unique advantage is that both sides of the film are laminated, so you can make multi-material parts on the print bed without gluing and fixing parts together.



Because VLM handles high-viscosity resins, resins can be formulated with extreme mechanical and thermal qualities. BCN3D says parts can have 3x the impact resistance and +200% the tear strength of competing low-viscosity resins.


In addition to VLM 3D printers, BCN3D also offers the Epsilon W50 SC, a large-format machine with an Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system that prints BVOH, Tough PLA, PET-G, TPU 98A, ABS, PA, PP and many other plastics. The printer is stacked on a humidity-controlled materials cabinet with an uninterrupted power supply.


Other 3D printers include the W50 (the same as the W50 SC without the material station), the W27 SC, and the W27. The W27 series has a smaller build volume and is considered desktop-friendly in any space.


BCN3D Technologies started in 2011 as a division of the CIM-UPC, a non-profit organisation for advancing FFF technology. The company changed its name in 2015 with the launch of the BCN3D Sigma printer.


To find out more about BCN3D, please book a discovery call with our specialist, Ian Smith.

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