How Ultimaker 3D Printers Are Used in Education

3D Printing in Education


Ultimaker education


Depending on how intricately you embed yourself into it, using 3D printing in education means you can deliver doses of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, making a 3D printer the ultimate STEM learning tool, that virtually anyone can use.

Educators who dismiss 3D printing as too expensive or too limited to be useful are missing the revolution. 3D printing will play a significant role in advancing manufacturing and material science in the next decade.

Brands like Ultimaker are leading the charge for 3D printing in education, with schools, colleges, and universities worldwide using their 3D printers to facilitate learning across STEM subjects and empower the next generation of engineers.

3D printing at Old Dominion University

3D Printing For Educaion

Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, uses Ultimaker 3D printers to culture innovation and confidence in engineering students. In 2017, they built the $1.5m Engineering Makerspace and Invention Center, complete with a suite of Ultimaker printers and a resource suite for CAD design and production.

Students at the university use 3D printing in STEM subjects, especially in design and technology, where 3D printing is used to rapidly prototype tools and parts. The Ultimaker S3 and one S5 desktop 3D printers are now part of the engineering department’s syllabus.

3D printing at T-BOX of Sekisui House

3D Printing for Architectural Students

T-BOX of Sekisui House – Kuma Lab at the University of Tokyo has a suite of Ultimaker 3D printers for architectural students. Students use the printers to conceptualise models and bring their ideas to life. The decision to use Ultimaker printers was borne after visiting the American University of Architecture, which uses Ultimaker printers.

3D printing has become a part of the design cycle for architects and students at the University of Tokyo. The T-BOX lab is used for model-making and tooling to create unique items that enable unique geometries and interesting designs.

3D printing at the College of the Desert

3D Printed Parts For Education

In Palm Desert, California, the College of the Desert has created a new college club called 3DPit (3D Print It!). Members are encouraged to hone their skills with 3D printing and apply those freelance skills to college work and further education. Examples include tactile versions of the human heart and reproductions of the human skull.

Ultimaker was chosen because the S3 and S5 models are low-maintenance with high uptime, enabling students to print consecutively. Additionally, cloud software enables remote printing and user management in real-time.

Summing up

While the growth of 3D printing is fuelling the demand for 3D design and modelling skills, it’s a technology that requires hands-on experience. Schools, colleges and universities that invest in this area will reap the rewards as students go on to make fantastic careers, and Ultimaker printers are playing a lead role in this.

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