Ultimaker Launches Two New CC Print Cores

Introducing Ultimaker Print Cores Designed for Composites

Ultimaker have announced the latest additions to the Ultimaker 3D printing platform – two new keys to your Ultimaker S3 and S5 Printers to unlock the power to print high-strength applications


Ultimaker print cores give you the flexibility to seamlessly print applications that are optimised for the job – whatever it may be.


The the two new print cores from Ultimaker are an evolution of the Ultimaker print core CC Red 0.6 and is now available in 0.4 and 0.6 mm nozzle sizes – and it’s had a design upgrade for optimised performance.


Featuring an abrasion-resistant, hardened steel nozzle and titanium heat break makes them more reliable, robust, and ready to print composite materials including glass, metal, and carbon fiber.


You can choose between CC 0.4 for higher visual quality, smoother surface finish, small details or CC 0.6 for shorter print time and better overhangs for when efficiency matters the most.


Like all Ultimaker print cores, it’s made for easy, tool-free configuration changes thanks to its unique quick-swap design


With a range of 60+ composite materials from the Ultimaker Marketplace the print core CC unlocks high-strength materials for S3 and S5 printers.


Check them out here:

Print Core CC 0.4

Print Core CC 0.6