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Ultimaker has announced that the PVA Removal Station will be available in the UK for a limited pre-sale launch from today!

Printing with PVA? Now you can have final parts in hand faster and easier than ever…


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If you use PVA supports and want to produce complex parts and stunning visual prototypes quicker and more easily read on…


What is it and why do I need one?


Current PVA removal solutions with improvised setups are often considered a hassle and as being slow and messy.  The new Ultimaker PVA Removal Station dissolves support material quickly and effectively, keeping operator time to a minimum and increasing productivity by removing PVA up to 4 x faster.

Oh – and it looks good!



How does it work?


Water is circulated by a magnetic rotor to speed up PVA removal up to 4x faster (compared with motionless water). The water changes direction every 2 minutes to push more water against the model – even into the hard-to-reach cavities. It has an adjustable rotor speed for faster dissolving or to protect fragile parts. The rinsing basket keeps prints in place and submerged

Minimal intervention, higher productivity you can reduce operator time to only a few minutes per print, with minimal maintenance or need for cleaning.



What do I need?


No chemicals are needed – just good old H2O (we recommend Yorkshire Water of course) and your print with PVA supports.


Our Conclusion


The Ultimaker PVA Removal Station enables you to work with complete peace of mind: With less hassle, no mess, and complete peace of mind you can rely on and easily monitor the PVA Removal Station. This means you are able to confidently continue working while waiting for your high-quality end result. With only a limited number available now in the UK until the global launch in July 2022 we recommend securing yours from Additive-X now!


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