Progress Update: Johnny 5 Gets a Set of Wheels

(Background: If you’ve not been following our updates about Johnny 5, you can read all about it here).

We thought our subscribers would like to see the latest progress Chris Wright has made on Johnny 5 at GoPrint3D. As you can see from the video above things are really starting to come together.

The month began with a full strip down of J5’s head so that the parts could be painted. After trying out a lot of paints he finally found a colour he felt worked and he started painting. The entire head was dismantled, each part was primed, sanded and painted and then reassembled.

Johnny 5 Head

Chris assembled the main body that links the two track drives together (along with side panels 3D printed using the 3DP Workbench Pro) and also fitted the rear set of wheels. He was unable to find the correct tyre that he wanted so he 3D printed them in PLA using the Ultimaker 3. Whilst this was going on Johnny 5’s new BaneBots motors were being shipped over from the US.

Johnny 5 Base - Tracked Wheels

With the track drives completed and fitted together J5 was ready to have the drive motors fitted. Once they arrived, the motors were assembled and fitted on to the robot along with the gears, and as you can see from the video above Chris now has the base of Johnny 5 with the tracked wheels moving.

This process wasn’t without challenges however as Chris explained, “I purchased some chain and sprockets to use with these motors however I was unable to find a supplier that sold the correct sprocket for the Motor. Using measurements of the shaft itself I 3D printed a fibre reinforced sprocket printed in Onyx and Fibreglass on the Mark Two 3D printer, so far, the sprocket has worked brilliantly.”

What’s really amazing is that almost all of this has been 3D printed using a range of different materials and technologies from various manufacturers by Chris (with some help from GoPrint3D).

Chris is now working on finishing it ready for TCT 2018 between 25th and the 27th September where we shall have it on the GoPrint3D stand (G28) and also driving around greeting people.

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