Join Markforged for their ‘Walking the Line’ Webcast on February 6th

Machine On A Factory Floor

Event: Walking the Line: 3D Printing on the Factory Floor
Date/Time: Tuesday 6th February, 4pm GMT

Presented by Markforged Senior Application Engineer Nick Sondej, the live webcast will discuss high-strength 3D printing, its applications, and the technologies behind it. 

Whether you are new to 3D printing or you are an experienced head, there’s always something new to learn about it, such is the dynamism of the technology. In industrial applications, 3D printing has revolutionised a wide range of manufacturing processes. It has allowed engineers and designers to manufacture high-strength custom tools and fixtures in-house at a lower cost than machining, and also turnaround those parts in hours versus the weeks it takes with outsourcing.

With such impressive capability and potential, it makes no wonder that industrial engineers, designers, and manufacturers are adopting the technology in droves. But how can you properly identify the right opportunities to apply high-strength 3D printing on the production floor? And, can high-strength 3D printing justify its adoption when uptime, reliability, and cost savings are taken into consideration?

For answers to these questions and much more, tune into Markforged’s “Walking the Line: 3D Printing on the Factory Floor” Webinar on February 6th. Here, Markforged Senior Application Engineer Nick Sondej will discuss the manufacturing and industrial challenges present on nearly every factory floor, and how 3D printing can save money, increase uptime, and improve quality across a wide range of factory applications.

Interested in tuning in? Head over to this registration page on the Markforged website to get started. The webcast will take place on Tuesday February 6th 2018 from 4pm GMT. Enjoy!