Markforged Revolutionises 3D Printing by Leveraging AI

On November 5, 2020, Markforged, the premier producer of metal and carbon fibre 3D printers, revealed the debut of The Digital Forge, a novel 3D printing framework.


The cloud-based platform combines Markforged’s products into a single offering to produce commercial or industrial grade parts on request.



As the sole Markforged 3D printing system that uses artificial intelligence, it produces cheap, speedier components and frequently has superior qualities to conventional manufacturing processes, all while becoming wiser with each part printed. This allows enterprises to manufacture and distribute quality parts for the first time, resolving the significant supply chain challenges highlighted by COVID-19.


Furthermore, as the platform is cloud-based, it gets constant wireless updates, making it the first large-scale development equipment that gains value over time.


What is Markforged? 

Markforged is an additive manufacturing organisation that manufactures and sells The Digital Forge – a commercial infrastructure of 3D printers, software, and equipment that enables companies to build items on-demand.


Gregory Mark and David Benhaim, the company’s chief technology officer, launched Markforged in 2013. They developed 3D printers that could print persistent carbon fibre reinforcement and employed cloud infrastructure.


Digital Forge: The Future of Manufacturing 

The Digital Forge is an easy-to-use Additive Manufacturing platform that adds the effectiveness and efficiency of agile programming to industrial production. It is custom-built to connect to your current manufacturing system, consisting of software, printers, and components that interact smoothly on a single platform.


Implementers of Digital Forge see beneficial results from the enormous time and cash savings on items. The Digital Forge framework bridges the gap between design and functionality. The platform generates commercial advantages through growing use, making your entire organisation more flexible and effective.


Markforged Expands Digital Forge Capabilities with Precise PLA

Markforged, the developer of The Digital Forge, a unified metal and carbon fibre additive manufacturing system, has introduced the integration of Precise PLA filaments to its product line.


Because of the new capacity, consumers may now create and iterate items more cost-effectively.


The Digital Forge network can manage every phase of product development, from verification through robust final-user applications based on Markforged’s carbon fibre strengthened and metal-printed components.


Markforged’s Precise PLA Filament


Precise PLA is Markforged’s rendition of Polylactic Acid (PLA), a commonly used principal prototyping component in the additive manufacturing industry.


Precise PLA filament from Markforged is available in 8 colours: red, yellow, blue, orange,  black, white, grey, and green. Thanks to EigerTM software upgrades, the Digital Forge has been tuned to print Precise PLA material with great quality and consistency.


With the availability of Precise PLA filament, customers can now build cheap models on the same dependable, finest infrastructure that is used to produce mission-critical, end-use components in demanding sectors such as aerospace, automobile, military, and medical.


The acquisition of Markforged’s Precise PLA filament brings the firm’s total material count to 28, which includes plastics, steady carbon fibres, and metals. These elements provide consumers unparalleled diversity in qualities such as high rigidity, impact resilience, temperature resistance, surface polish, and, most recently, cost.


Users may now manage their bespoke part requirements through a single platform, from product innovation to manufacture and aftermarket maintenance.


Customer Perspective


Now that Markforged’s Precise PLA filament is accessible, Zero Tolerance LLC, an injection moulding and machine business, has extended its utilisation of the Digital Forge to deliver an end-use motorbike display adaptor from idea to final product.


“When utilising other 3D printers and PLA elements, the outputs were not as exact as necessary, even after numerous revisions,” says Steve Michon, President and CEO of Zero Tolerance.


He said that with this new component, they can now use the Markforged printer to consistently give exceptional outcomes across the full design and production process.


According to Michon, this is the most dependable additive system they have ever purchased.


In parallel to prototyping, Zero Tolerance manufactures fibreglass-reinforced assembly instruments with colour-coded inserts printed in Precise PLA and Markforged’s robust, consistent fibre composite materials. The colours help the user choose the appropriate tool, while the fibreglass adds rigidity and strength.


Additive-X: Markforged Digital Forge 

The Digital Forge is an easy-to-use Additive Manufacturing system that brings the effectiveness and speed of agile technology production to industrial production. It is well-equipped to connect to your current manufacturing environment and reduce the boundaries between design and functioning parts. It is made of technology, software, and materials that work smoothly on a unified platform.


Adopters of Digital Forge see immediate benefits from enormous time and money savings on parts. The platform may deliver a comparative edge through higher usage by making your overall organisation more nimble and effective.


Markforged X7 Digital Forge Industrial Fleet Solution

The Markforged Digital Forge Industrial Fleet Solution offers their X7 Industrial printer and two Mark Two Desktop Printers to your business, as well as unique Blacksmith technology, supplies, assistance, and accessibility to Markforged University.


These work in tandem to optimise the advantages of virtual manufacturing by:


  • Software, Success Plans, and Markforged University offer more knowledge, support, and resources to help you perform better.
  • Because of bed calibration and automatic component examination, Blacksmith-enabled X7 printers deliver more reliable, consistent, and quality verified parts.
  • With Eiger Fleet, you can better manage and monitor part manufacturing productivity, printer utilisation, and time and cost savings and link AM with your core company operations and systems.


This package will:

  • Ensure that correct, high-quality parts are immediately available for use following printing.
  • Teach staff members how to improve the layout and printing of strong composite elements.
  • Increase printer reliability.
  • Role-based Access Control and SAML-based Single Sign-on help you handle people and equipment more effectively.
  • Increase the value of  Markforged  3D printing by connecting it with essential business processes.


Markforged X7 Digital Forge Industrial Quality Solution

The Digital Forge Industrial Quality Solution comprises the X7 Industrial Printer with the following additional materials:


  • 800cc Onyx
  • 150cc Carbon
  • 150cc Kevlar
  • 150cc HSHT 
  • 150cc Fibreglass
  • Fibreglass (in addition to standard materials included with X7)
  • 3 Years of Blacksmith Success Plan service/ support
  • Markforged University Composites curriculum access for 2 people, who can change each year.
  • Blacksmith Reference Bed and Case included



With the Digital Forge, a simple additive manufacturing system that powers designers, engineers, and production experts worldwide, Markforged is transforming the pace of discovery. The Digital Forge framework flawlessly blends best-in-class equipment, software, and metal and composite elements to enable developers and designers to more effectively transition from a layout to a usable item.


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