BREAKING NEWS: Markforged Release Industrial Composite Series


Markforged have announced the release of their new Industrial Composite Series. The printers, named X3, X5 and X7 allow users to print their products in onyx as they would on a Mark X, but for significantly lower cost.

In much a similar way to when the Desktop Composite Range was released to complement the Mark 2, the Industrial Composite Series is an expansion from the Mark X. The Mark X has now been renamed the X7 but it will still do everything that the Mark X did.

If the Mark X was out of your price bracket, but you still want to print large, end-use parts in onyx, then read on. You might just find something to suit you.


The X3

The X3 is the first of the new range, with a build volume of 330 x 270 x 200mm and a weight of 46kg. It prints in onyx only with a mimimum layer height of 50 microns. Additional fibre is not available with this model.

Laser bed levelling included as standard

The standard Eiger options are available for software and laser bed levelling is supplied as standard, allowing precision to just 1 micron in the z axis. An advanced sensor suite provides unparalleled reliability.

At a price of $36,990 this is one of the most cost efficient ways to produce quality engineering grade plastic parts, perfect for production lines. Should additional materials be required, the X3 is easily upgraded to either the X5 or X7.


The X5

The X5 has the same footprint as the X3 with the same build volume of 330 x 270 x 200mm and weighs a measly 2kg more. The difference is in the print materials. Where the X3 can print in onyx only, the X5 includes the addition of fibreglass. Fibreglass creates parts 10x as strong as standard printing plastics, for very little increase in weight.

All of the options available for the X3 are available for the X5, including laser bed levelling and the advanced sensor suite.

At $49,990 this is a machine to produce high quality, durable plastic parts for use in any environment.


The X7

The Mark X has been renamed the X7

The X7, previously known as the Mark X, is the flagship of the Industrial Composite Series. Capable of printing in nylon or onyx with fibres of fibreglass, carbon fibre, Kevlar and high strength/high temperature fibreglass it really is ready for anything you throw at it.

No bigger or heavier than the X5, the X7 boasts more than just additional materials. It contains In Process Inspection, a laser scanning system that monitors the print during printing and feeds back to the Eiger software in real time. This allows any print failures to be discovered much earlier, leading to lower wastage.

Often used for industrial grade manufacturing jigs, jaws, tools and fixtures, the X7 is designed to withstand the harsh environment of the production floor. For just $69,000 this machine offers the opportunities of out-classing machined aluminium in strength time after time.


Success Plan

As always, Markforged have got their Success Plan running for the Industrial Composite Series as well. Available as a one year or three year package, subscribers get priority technical assistance should an issue occur with their Markforged printer. Markforged Certified technicians will fit any replacement parts on site, and their services cover both accidental damage and wear and tear.

As an additional extra, Success Plan customers receive 2 hours per year of 1-on-1 consultation with Markforged Application Experts. These sessions will give you expert advice on design and efficient printing strategies to save you both time and print material.


To find out more about the new Industrial Series visit the Markforged website.

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