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Markforged just got a little more colourful with Precise PLA!

We’ve asked and they’ve delivered! Markforged have officially launched their Precise PLA (PPLA) today. So you can now prototype, create custom tooling, and fabricate end-use parts in PLA plastic the Markforged way.

What is Precise PLA?


One of the most common prototyping materials used on 3D printers is Polylactic Acid (PLA). Precise PLA (PPLA) is a specialised version created by Markforged which now enables you to go from concept to production on the same platform.


When Markforged engineers and material scientists are involved we know they obsess over quality – all you have to do is look at the Markforged Onyx material which has built a reputation for being a reliable, high-quality and easy to use material that end users rave about.


The Markforged Digital Forge and Eiger has also been calibrated and updated so that you are able to print PPLA which deliver great results repeatedly throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.


Once the initial prototype has been approved using PPLA you can then move to production in Markforged Onyx material Steve Michon president and CEO of Zero Tolerance LLC was an early tester of Precise PLA and stated that “This is the most reliable additive platform we’ve ever used. It just works”

Precise PLA vs Onyx™


Precise PLA is recommended by Markforged as a more cost-effective option for prototypes, fit checks, or any other applications that don’t need the enhanced mechanical properties of onyx and/or continuous fiber. The eight colour options offered (yellow, red, green, blue, orange, black, white, and gray) can enhance usability and safety of tools and fixtures by supporting communicative color codes.


PPLA is not compatible with continuous fiber as onyx is, so Markforged still recommend using onyx and the appropriate continuous fiber if your printed part needs to be stronger, or more impact/heat resistant than your typical plastic.



Printer compatibility

At launch (15/03/2022) PPLA will print on Mark Two (Gen 2) and Onyx Pro (Gen 2) desktop series printers which are equipped with the latest A3648 extruder.

All Gen 2 Desktop Series printers come equipped with the A3648 extruder and all Gen 1 Desktop Series printers come equipped with the A1095 extruder


Markforged Gen 2 composite printers can be identified by the large updated product label on the back panel.



Markforged has plans to make precise PLA available on all Industrial series printers with the second-generation A3648 extruder.  Book a discovery call with a Markforged Specialist today to make sure you are kept up date with Markforged news.

Markforged Precise PLA (PPLA) will be available to purchase from the 15th March 2022. You can purchase it from the Additive-X online store here.

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