Markforged is Taking Flight with Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fibre FR-A

Markforged Prepare for Take Off with Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fibre FR-A

Markforged has launched new formulations of their Onyx and Carbon Fibre materials which are purpose built for the requirements of the aerospace, transportation and automotive industries. Helping engineers reimagine the way people and parts get from where they are to where they are going. With traceable, flight-ready Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fibre FR-A, additive is ready for takeoff.


The new FR-A variants of Onyx and Carbon Fibre are used in a similar manner to their standard counterparts. Carbon Fiber FR-A can enhance the mechanical properties of Onyx FR-A parts which when used together can yield parts as strong as 6061-T6 Aluminum.

FR-A materials establish lot-level material traceability and pass the test suite necessary for qualification under 14 CFR 25.853 for most 3D-printable parts. The Combustion toxicity test performance passed Boeing BSS 7239 Flaming specifications.

This means that aerospace and Aviation companies like Hangar One Avionics, and Cabin Management Solutions have been able to use their Markforged X7 printers rather than conventional fabrication methods to replace low-volume, high-value luxury cabin parts such as in-flight entertainment retrofits or low production one-off custom parts to increase cockpit safety and convenience.

Using the new FR-A materials has resulted in lower costs and accelerated lead times as well as freeing up their machinists’ time to focus on additional design work and engineering.



Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A as printed on the Markforged X7 are undergoing qualification through the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP) for its additive manufacturing process and aerospace targeted materials, providing the foundations for accelerating the path from digital art to flying part.


The NCAMP process will provide additional results after completion, including: Expanded directional mechanical data Environmental mechanical data Glass transition temperature Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) UV exposure Fluid sensitivity to common aerospace fluids including fuels, lubricants, and cleaning agents.


Why invest in Markforged 3D Printers

  • Secure cloud infrastructure enables on-demand manufacturing at the point of need
  • Low overhead, facilities requirements, and cost of ownership for continuous carbon fiber composite solutions
  • Cabin-quality surface finish without additional post-processing
  • Ready for decorative finishes (plating, veneer, paint)
  • NCAMP qualification is underway for traceable, flame-retardant composite printing materials Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A

High-value aerospace applications

  • Lightweight cabin components
  • Brackets, harnesses, and sensor mounts
  • Precision inspection tooling
  • Workholding
  • Functional prototypes


Onyx FR-A only prints on the Industrial Series Printers.


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