Markforged Announces the X7 Field Edition


Markforged has announced the X7 Field Edition, or X7 FE, which brings Continuous Fibre Fabrication (CFF) 3D printing to the field.

What do we mean by “the field”? We mean environments where ruggedness is a prerequisite to survival. We’re talking military bases, military deployments and exploration sites.

Here’s what you need to know:

X7 Field Edition

The X7 Field Edition is a Markforged X7 3D printer built into a rotomolded high-impact polyethylene Pelican case.

The Pelican case is designed to military specifications to protect the X7 FE during transport across sea, land and air.

It not only protects the X7 FE but contains the printer’s parts, tools and materials, creating a single transport solution.

The rotomolded high-impact polyethylene case protects the printer in harsh environments with eight total spring-back handles for easy carrying.

Customers can drop the X7 Field Edition into harsh environments and get 3D printing in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is install the printer parts, plug in a power source, load the materials and send your design files to print.

X7 Field Edition specifications

The X7 Field Edition is an all-in-one 3D printer for the field. It has four layers:

  • AL3232 Pelican case
  • Printer layer
  • Tool layer
  • Material layer

These four layers contain all the parts, spares, tools and materials needed to get the X7 FE up and running. You can see what they contain here.

Here are the printer specifications:

  • Build size: Max build size of 330mm x 250mm x 200mm
  • In-process inspection: Lasers scan for dimensional accuracy
  • Detail: Print down to a layer height of 50-microns
  • Industry: Has the potential to replace metal machining processes.

Ruggedised 3D printing

When you think of 3D printing, you probably imagine a 3D printer whirring away on a desk in a safe environment.

These 3D printers have it easy.

Out in the field, particularly in the military, 3D printers are transported thousands of miles by land, sea and air to harsh environments – and they are expected to work perfectly when they get there.

The only safe way to do this is to de-build the printer and re-build it on delivery, safely stowing parts, tools and materials so they don’t break. But this brings logistical problems, and it isn’t a precise process.

The Markforged X7 Field Edition is the first CFF 3D printer that is engineered for rugged applications.

The printer’s mechanics are removed and stored in the Pelican case, leaving an X7 shell that can be re-built in only a few minutes.

Does it work? You bet! It’s used by the U.S. Marine Corps XFAB program and has been tested in engineering and tactical fields to prove its worth.

Find out more

The X7 FE can be fully set up and ready to print in minutes and it’s the only field-deployable 3D printer of its kind. To find out more, please book a discovery call with our Markforged specialists Kevin Askew or Ian Smith.
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