BREAKING: MarkForged Announces Mark X 3D Printer


MarkForged has today announced a new 3D printer called the Mark X.

The Mark X is the most powerful fibre composite 3D printer ever made, with an enormous build volume and advanced technology, which builds on the solid foundation set by the Mark Two.

Groundbreaking Technologies

The Mark X is the first 3D printer of its kind to include in-process laser inspection for dimensional accuracy, a feature which includes a laser affixed to the print head which scans parts at any layer with a 1-micron measurement accuracy to ensure that they meet exact specifications. The laser is linked directly to the printer’s software, Eigar, and sends in reports in real-time so that engineers and designers can tweak their products. In addition to this technology, the Mark X has encoders on the print head for accuracy, and an extra-stiff Z-axis motor for outstanding part quality. All of these technologies combined represent a giant leap forward from the Mark Two, however, the Mark X is a 3D printer designed for very different applications.


Hence, its enormous build volume. With a build volume of 330mm x 250mm x 200mm (X, Y, Z), the Mark X can print substantially larger parts than the Mark Two – in particular in depth and height. That build volume doesn’t come at the expense of resolution either, with the Mark X printing at a layer height of 50-microns – an improvement over the 100-micron resolution offered by the Mark Two. When you add to that the in-process laser inspection we covered previously, what you have is a 3D printer that will print parts as they are supposed to be; accurate, precise and detailed.

Limitless Applications, Limitless Possibilities

With the Mark X, engineers, manufacturers, and designers looking to print incredibly strong and highly precise parts can. This printer has the potential to replace costly metal machining processes, due to its ability to 3D print parts that are as strong as 6061 aluminium; nylon parts can be reinforced with fibreglass, high-temp fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar. Potential applications include robotics, automotive parts, prosthetics and other industrial applications. When you add to that the latest breakthroughs in 3D scanning technology, it is perfectly possible to 3D print parts with true dimensional accuracy.


Discussing the Mark X, Greg Mark, CEO and founder of Markforged, said: “We have taken a different path from most of the 3D printing industry with innovation that will create a new bottom line benefit for many manufacturers. We already had success with the breakthrough strength and light weight of continuous carbon fiber in our Mark Two printer – now we added in-process inspection for exact dimensional accuracy, high resolution beautiful surface finish, and scale to open entirely new segments of the industry to efficiencies of what printing can accomplish.”

Mark X Specifications:

Build volume: 330mm x 250mm x 200mm;
Printer size: 575mm x 467mm x 928mm with cabinet, 575 mm x 467 mm x 424 mm without cabinet;
Layer height: 50-microns;
Connectivity: WiFi, USB Stick, Ethernet Cable;
Software: Eigar;
Materials: Nylon, Onyx, Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Kevlar, High-Temp Fibreglass.

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