Introducing the Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W

Formlabs has just announced the newest addition to the Fuse Series – the Fuse 1+ 30W. This new printer brings with it a carbon-fiber-filled material for end-use applications that require both high stiffness and superior strength, Nylon 11 CF Powder.

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The Formlabs Fuse 1 launched in January 2021 and was first printer to make industrial quality SLS 3D printing accessible. It’s sister – Fuse 1+ 30W SLS printer is the one you need for even higher throughput production and faster than ever prototyping.


With a new, more powerful 30-watt laser and improved powder handling system, the Fuse 1+ 30W printer achieves consistently superior part quality with next-day speed and allows users to unlock new applications and high-performance materials like Nylon 11 CF Powder, Formlabs’ first carbon fiber-filled material.



Whether you need a functional prototype today or produce hundreds of end-use parts each week, the Fuse 1+ 30W levels up your workflow for better consistency, shorter turnaround time, and higher efficiency.


Contact our Formlabs specialist Elaine Rutledge for a full run down of the Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W.


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