Introducing Markforged Onyx ESD for X3, X5 and X7 Machines

Markforged Onyx ESD launched this week allowing electronics manufacturers to take full advantage of the Markforged Digital Forge and the massive benefits it brings.

It has come amid growing demand for 3D printing materials that produce high-quality and high-strength parts, safe for electronics manufacturing. Many industries have leveraged 3D Printing to overcome supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 in 2020 and electronic manufacturers have been eager to get involved.


What is Onyx ESD?

Markforged Onyx ESD is a static-dissipative version of their signature carbon fiber filled nylon material Onyx, used by Markforged customers to manufacture everything from prototypes, tooling, and end-use parts. The addition of a precisely controlled quantity of conductive filler results in Onyx ESD.

What makes Markforged Onyx ESD special is its tight surface resistance range. Surface resistance is a spectrum. On one end there are ‘conductive’ materials, like copper, aluminum etc. On the other end are ‘insulative’ materials like most plastics that electrons hardly flow through at all. Conductive materials make it easy for sparks to jump and cause damage. Insulative materials build-up charge which can then easily jump somewhere it shouldn’t and cause damage. In-between this is the ‘Dissipative’ range which allows for a controlled flow of electrons so they don’t build up, jump or facilitate sparks through a conductive path. This is the range Onyx ESD sits in.

Onyx ESD can serve the full range of applications as a standalone material or when maximum strength or stiffness is desired it is able to be reinforced with continuous fiber.

Applications for Onyx ESD

Onyx ESD is best suited for tooling, jigs, and fixtures that must be ESD-safe and for parts that cause processing difficulties when charge builds up. Some examples include assembly fixtures, test fixtures, custom hand tools, enclosures, component trays, and robotic end-of-arm grippers. It is available to print with on the industrial range of Markforged machines X3, X5 and X7

Application Spotlight

Markforged Swedish customer, Columbia Elektronik develops testing equipment for large electronics manufacturers. Historically they used CNC machining, which limited their geometric freedom when designing parts. When they started using Markforged Onyx ESD they found they were able to save their customers both time and effort by improving product functionality enabled by the freedom of additive manufacturing.


Columbia Elektronik redesigned the 3D printed Onyx ESD fixtures in one piece instead of two, eliminating the need for additional assembly time or tooling. The team were also impressed by the  sleek surface finish of the fixture parts, straight off the print bed.

“We are seeing an increase in demand for ESD-safe parts, to keep up with the advancements of the technology in the industry,” said Christer Lang, Design Engineer, Columbia Elektronik. “Markforged is filling a gap in accessing those parts with Onyx ESD, enabling us to design complex parts quickly. This material, coupled with Markforged’s 3D printers, eliminates the need for time-consuming assembly – freeing up our workforce and releasing time spent on our CNC machines. Now, with Onyx ESD, we will be able to print high-strength ESD-safe parts on demand that are customer ready. We finally have the tools they need to meet rising demands in our industry.”


Find out more:

  • Read the Columbia Elektronik Application Spotlight here
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