HP 3DaaS – Introducing an Easy Way for Manufacturers to Start 3D Printing


If you have considered 3D printing as a way to improve your manufacturing output, an additive manufacturing subscription service would require less upfront capital and allow you to expand and scale your production capabilities faster.

HP 3D as a Service (HP 3DaaS) is one such service. It is a “pay-as-you-go” 3D printing solution for manufacturers that need the design and manufacturing benefits of 3D printing but want a more seamless, automated experience.

HP 3DaaS is split into two types:

HP 3DaaS Base

This is a convenient pay-per-use model with automatic replenishment of supplies, and automated billing and usage tracking. It’s available for HP Jet Fusion 5200/4200 Series 3D Printing Solutions and HP Jet Fusion 500 Series 3D Printers.

It includes the following:

  • Automatic replenishment of HP 3D supplies
  • HP 3D Printing Care Services, including remote and onsite support
  • Online dashboard for easy, convenient tracking of billing and usage

With 3DaaS base, your material usage is automatically tracked, and you get charged a monthly invoice. Supplies are automatically replenished, doing away with the need for you to manage stock. You also get remote support.

HP 3DaaS Plus

This model goes beyond materials by throwing in the HP hardware (printer and accessories) for an upfront fee and a monthly fee. It’s available for the HP Jet Fusion 340 and requires a one-year commitment.

It’s the easiest way to get started with 3D printing.

3DaaS Plus has the following features:

  • All of the benefits of 3DaaS Base, plus:
  • Advanced operator training
  • Ramp up training
  • Hardware (printer, bead plaster, vacuum cleaner)
  • Installation and shipment of hardware

With 3DaaS Plus, you get a complete additive workflow without the high initial investment in hardware, in addition to the automation offered by 3DaaS Base. This will be the best option if you want to integrate hardware, supplies and services.

Why Choose HP 3DaaS?

HP 3DaaS offers manufacturers an affordable route into HP’s state-of-the-art Multi Jet Fusion additive manufacturing technology.

MJF utilises two perpendicular carriages to transform powdered plastic (Nylon 12) into solid parts. It fuses nylon and detailing agents together on the print bed, with infrared lamps which fuse layers in a single pass. This enables it to build highly complex parts. MJF prints at a faster rate than FFF and SLA with better quality.

HP’s 3DaaS service gives you a compelling opportunity to access this technology with no upfront investment in the hardware. This has three obvious benefits:

It’s predictable

HP 3DaaS has a usage-based price per model, so you have certainty about your variable costs. You pay per model with a low commitment.

It’s convenient

HP 3DaaS brings significant operational efficiency improvements, with automated material replenishment and simplified inventory management.

It’s affordable

The Base and Plus subscriptions require no purchase of hardware. Your costs are spread as you use the service, creating a revenue-based payment model.

You can find out more about HP 3DaaS here.

We are an authorised HP Partner and have tested Multi Jet Fusion technology extensively. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact jacob@goprint3d.co.uk or you can click on our live chat feature bottom right of this page and speak to one of our 3D Printing Specialists!



Image credits: HP.