Helping The Gadget Show

Form 2 on The Gadget Show
The Form 2 on The Gadget Show

Back in September we were approached by the Gadget Show to provide them with an Ultimaker 2 for a 3D printing feature. Naturally we jumped at the chance! On Monday our demo Ultimaker 2 machine was on the show.

Othman, a student, was set to work trying to print off a miniature version of presenter Jon Bentley. He had a bit of difficulty with this, but he had great success printing off a carabiner.

Just so our readers know, we do actually provide a support service, if Othman had mentioned the failed prints we could have told him to try changing the Platform adhesive type to raft (this is the plastic that is laid down at the bottom underneath the print to prevent it slipping) and the Support type to Everywhere to prevent the issue he was having! Obviously part of the feature was seeing how people deal with the steep learning curve of 3D printing, so he probably wasn’t allowed to ask us about this. We see these simple problems crop up time and time again and we regularly help our customers overcome these printing challenges.

We’d like to give a big thanks to the people at The Gadget Show for the opportunity to help out.

If you would like to watch the episode (Series 22, Episode 8), you can do so on the Channel 5 website (or their on-demand service). The 3D Printing feature starts at about 10 minutes in and lasts around 7 minutes.

Also pleased to see the brand spanking new Form 2 was featured too, Jon Bentley seemed interested in it – perhaps there is more to come on that? Who knows…