Your Guide to the Markforged Onyx Series


Markforged launched their latest range of 3D printers – the Onyx Series – on 18th November, 2016. The range includes two products: The Onyx One, and the Onyx Pro 3D printers. The Onyx One can print a single filament, called ‘Onyx’, while the Onyx Pro can print two filaments: Onyx and Fibreglass CFF.

These printers offer superior quality in software, materials and machinery, however they really are in a class of their own; the Onyx Pro and Onyx One are Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D Printers. The Onyx Pro has dual extruders, while the Onyx One has a single extruder. They are the first desktop 3D printers in the world to be designed from the ground up to 3D print carbon fibre, an incredibly abrasive material that regular 3D printers do not support.

It is also important to note that the design and build quality of the Onyx series is second to none, which is nothing less than we’ve come to expect from Markforged, who’s products are enjoyed by thousands.

Below, we have covered everything you need to know about the Onyx series, to help with your buyer’s journey. If you have any more questions, then don’t hesitate to throw us a line at

Build Volume

The Onyx Series has a build volume of 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm (xyz). That means the Onyx Pro and One offer the same build volume as the Markforged Mark Two, and a similar x capacity to the enormous Markforged Mark X, which has a build volume of 330mm x 250mm x 200mm. The Onyx Series’ build volume also compares favourably to other 3D printers.

Layer Height / Resolution

The Onyx Series prints at a layer height of 100 microns (0.1mm). That’s the same resolution as the Mark Two, and Mark X. At a 100-micron resolution, it is possible to print parts that are true to a CAD design down to the finest details.

In the picture below, you can see how finer details are perfectly captured:


Material Compatibility

The Onyx Pro can print two materials: Onyx, and Fibreglass. Onyx filament is a nylon and chopped carbon fibre hybrid; it is exceptionally tough and durable with outstanding thermal properties. Fibreglass CFF filament is a strengthening material; you can use it to reinforce Onyx parts with continuous strands of fibreglass, for unparalleled strength. Parts printed with Onyx and Fibreglass CFF are as strong and as durable as 6061 aluminium.

Here’s a picture of a power input module printed with Onyx:


The Onyx One can print with Onyx filament only; however, the Onyx One can be easily upgraded to an Onyx Pro in the future.

Connectivity and Software


The Onyx Series has WiFi and connects to Eiger – Markforged’s cloud-based 3D printing software. With Eiger, CAD designs are automatically sliced and you can continue working on your model while this process is being run. Eiger is one of the best-designed and most-intuitive proprietary 3D printing software products on the market; and it comes as standard with the Onyx Series with full integration, so you can get 3D printing right away.


The Onyx Series is for engineers who need to create tough, durable parts and products, that have a finish worthy of the top shelf. Using the Onyx One, engineers can create functional parts, such as fixtures for RC cars and parts for actual cars, as well as static parts, such as and casings and prototypes, with a turnaround time of days. Users of the Onyx Pro get even more, with the ability to reinforce Onyx parts with fibreglass for even more strength. Engineers are using Onyx right now to create grips for robotic automation and to 3D print casings and hand tools, and a whole variety of other things.

Here’s a picture of a car impeller printed with Onyx:


Pricing and Availability

The Onyx One is the most affordable 3D printer Markforged has ever made, with the Onyx Pro priced at about double that of the Onyx One. There is a full upgrade path from the Onyx One, to Onyx Pro, to Mark Two and eventually the Mark X. Both 3D printers are available directly from GoPrint3D. We are an authorised Markforged reseller in the United Kingdom. You can find out more about the Onyx One and Onyx Pro at the product pages we’ve created for them, and all other Markforged products we sell at this page.


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