GoPrint3D’s Christmas Design Competition

3D Printed Christmas Design Competition - Winners

Earlier this year we started running 3D printed design competitions internally as a way of getting people to learn more about using CAD and designing for 3D printing. We normally have two categories – one for first timers (those who’ve never done it before) and then the seasoned “pro’s”. This time we’ve decided to release our two winners’ entries publicly to download.

Pro Category Winner: Nutcracker by Mike Sweeney

Everyone was really impressed with this design by Mike Sweeney. It was his 2nd design after his first design cracked under pressure. Not wanting to give in, Mike persevered and completely re-designed it. He’s been cracking nuts with it all morning!

A 3D printed nutcracker in a bowl of nuts

A 3D printed nutcracker

You can download Mike’s nutcracker here.

Novice Category Winner: Christmas Decorations by Elaine Rutledge

Elaine created her design using Tinkercad, she did a number of different designs with a couple of iterations, the first iteration was a flaw in her design and the second iteration was caused by some warping (which was an error on my part, not printing on a raft). You can download her STL files here and here.

3D Printed Christmas Decorations

3D Printed Christmas Decorations

We hope you like our designs and a big Merry Christmas to everyone from GoPrint3D.

Merry Christmas 2016