GoPrint3D go Gadget

You can imagine our excitement when we were asked to be part of the Gadget Show – it is to our industry what Vogue is to fashion!
We despatched our Operations Manager Darren to the stunning Lake District to take part in a day’s filming for the show, and took the Formlabs Form + 1 printer with us.

Pic: The stunning backdrop to our shoot

We are sworn to secrecy about the subject of the programme – only to say it was an application of 3D printing that we hadn’t yet thought of. Fortunately the machine performed impeccably!

Form 1+ filming
Pic: The Form + 1 taking a starring role

The presenters were intrigued by 3D printing technology as a whole, and how quickly it is progressing. Darren was able to answer all the questions that they had and impart his expertise when it came to printing.

Darren with presenters Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley
Pic: Darren with presenters Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley

We are delighted to work with media partners to educate their viewers / readers on the endless applications of 3D printing. The only barrier to 3D printing’s capabilities is the restrictions of our own imaginations!