Gearing up for TCT 2017! The Great Printer Reveal

Here at GoPrint3D we’re really getting into final preparations for TCT 2017! We hope you are as excited about seeing all the printers, as we are at getting to show them off.

We’re taking quite a selection of our 3D printer range down to the NEC this year, and we’re planning for them to be printing on the stand, so you can see them in all their glory. Read on to find out specifically which printers will be printing and what other excitement we’ll have in store for you on stand F9.

1. Markforged X7

The flagship of the newly released Markforged Industrial Series, the X7, is capable of printing in either nylon or onyx (a carbon reinforced nylon). Onyx creates parts that are twice the strength of other 3D printed plastics, and the X7 can also add in fibres such as fibreglass, Kevlar and carbon fibre as well for even higher strength, stiffness and impact resistance.

Used to print industrial grade, end-use engineering parts and tools, this is a machine for when only the best will do. We’ll have an X7 printing along with a the Mark Two and the Onyx Pro also from the Markforged range.

Markforged X7 – Part of the new Industrial Series


2. Zortrax Inventure

The Inventure is part of an entire ecosystem from Zortrax, designed to make the whole print process as painless as possible. The cartidges are easy to install and new technology from Zortrax gives simulataneous printing of two different materials through two separate nozzles. It will even change the material automatically between Z-PETG, Z-PLA and Z-SUPPORT.

Added to this is the Dissolvable Support System (DSS). This machine removes all the support material for you, leaving your print completely free of residue. Simply place your part in it and watch the support disappear.

Able to print complex, moving mechanisms in one part, the Inventure is perfect for automotive parts and prototypes. Come and see it on the GoPrint3D stand and see for yourself.

Zortrax Inventure Ecosystem: a system less manual


3. Formlabs Form 2

One of our best sellers, we will have several Form 2s on our stand at TCT this year and we will once again be running our mini-factory, churning out prints all day long.

A world-leader in stereolithography (SLA) printing, the Form 2 is one of the best desktop printers for creating engineering prototypes, dental models and bespoke jewellery.

If you are interested in SLA printing or the Form 2, come and see us on our stand (F9) because we have some brand new samples to give away! Made from a combination of tough, durable and flexible resin, we’ve got razors for our favourite customers! Printed and assembled entirely in-house, we think they’re pretty cool and we hope you will too. Come and Talk To Us if you want one.


4. Ultimaker 3

A dual head printer and capable of printing with PVA support, the Ultimaker 3 is a desktop printer used widely to create complex prototypes as well as custom tools, jigs and fixtures.

Over the last couple of years Volkswagen Europa have made cost savings of 91% and time savings of 95% by using the Ultimaker 3 in house to create their tools, measured against traditional production methods. You can read more about VW’s success with 3D printing here.

We’ll be running an Ultimaker 3 and an Ultimaker 2+ as part of our mini factory on our stand and our team will be very happy to discuss anything with you.



5. EnvisionTEC Perfactory

The EnvisionTEC Perfactory is a printer for when the maximum up-time is needed. It has very few moving components which makes it user-serviceable and it supports over 20 different resins. Add this to a 25-micron layer resolution and you get something ideal for places like animation studios, research laboratories and higher education institutes.

There will be both a Perfactory and an Ultra 3SP from the EnvisionTEC range, but unfortunately neither will be printing on the day. Do come and chat to us though if you want to know any more.

Print examples from EnvisionTEC Perfactory


6. Zortrax M300

The clue’s in the name with this one. The M300 has a whopping 300mm x 300mm x 300mm – a huge build size for a desktop printer. Combined with the dimensional accuracy that Zortrax is well known for, this printer produces parts that match perfectly to the CAD drawing. Want to print a motorcycle helmet in one sitting? The M300 can do it.

We will also be showing the M300’s smaller cousin, the M200, on our stand. The M200 is what all of Zortrax’s designs and technology were made for, the M300 simply expands and improves them.

Neither the M200 or the M300 would look out of place in an office or an engineer’s workshop. They make very little noise and produce great quality parts. What’s not to love about that?


7. LeapFrog Bolt Pro

If speed is what you’re after, then this is the printer for you. At 100mm/s the Leapfrog Bolt Pro is equal to the best Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printers on the market and that’s before you add in the Replicator and Mirror modes. These modes allow you to print two copies of the part at the same time, thus doubling your print speed.

If mix and match materials is what you need instead, the Bolt Pro is still right there. Two separated print heads means you can print whatever you fancy, wherever you fancy (well, within the LeapFrog materials range anyway).

8. 3D Platform WorkSeries

For those of you that need to make really big prints, we will have a 3D Platform printer or two on the 3D Platform stand. We don’t have the space to fit them on the GoPrint3D stand, but rest assured we haven’t left them out!

Able to print parts up to 1m x 1m x 0.5m, they are giants of printers, but 3DP have designed them beautifully. Wheels for ease of movement, inbuilt tool drawers – and to cap it all, they fold up small enough to fit through a standard door!

3D Platform have gone for an open source approach to materials, which means you get full control over what you use. If it’s on the open market, you can use it. HFE900 extruders will print 1.35kg in 1 hour as opposed to taking 17 hours with the industry standard.

We hope you’ll forgive us for making you go to another stand – it will be worth it when you get there!

3D Platform Workbench Classic


With at least ten printers and seven manufacturers, we think we’ve got most options covered. If you’re thinking about buying a 3D printer to improve your product development or manufacture, come to stand F9 at TCT! Ask the GoPrint3D team any question you like…….. Go on, I dare you.

To register for super-fast entry at TCT, simply click on the image below, enter your details and bring the barcode along with you!