Formlabs Webinar: A look inside SLA technology

a Form 2 being used by an engineer

Event: A look inside SLA technology: Precise 3D printing with advanced engineering materials (Webinar)
Date/Time: Anytime (pre-recorded)

This recorded webinar by Formlabs teaches you about what can be achieved with Stereolithography and how it differs to other 3D printing technologies such as FFF or DLP. Kevin Gautier takes you through their range of engineering resins (each with its own unique properties) which can be used to create high definition, functional 3D prints.

By watching this webinar you should expect to learn about the following:

  • How SLA 3D printers deliver accurate and precise prints with tight tolerances.
  • The advantage of using Stereolithography over other technologies.
  • Some real life examples of how SLA can be used in engineering.
  • 3D printing jigs and fixtures.
  • How to calculate ROI and justify the purchase of a 3D printer.