Formlabs Start 2022 With 4 New Arrivals

Formlabs have welcomed in 2022 with four announcements!


They have just revealed the newest iterations of their flagship 3D printers, the Form 3+ and the Form 3B+, along with two new products – Build Platform 2 and the new ESD Resin (Electrostatic Discharge Resin) A first from Formlabs that will enable users to streamline electronics manufacturing processes by increasing production yields, improving operational efficiencies, and reducing production ramp-up times.


Here’s a closer look:

Form 3+/ 3B+

The new + has new hardware features including improved LPU stabilisation which means better surface quality. It also has a new air duct and temperature monitoring system and Formlabs have  improved alignment between the build platform and the tank which in turn reduces exposure requirements for early layers.

The new software release will be available on all Formlabs 3 printers from January 4th which sees faster printing, easier post-processing, improved user experience by enabling pre-heating and sleep mode.


Formlabs 3D printer.


Rapid, Flawless Prints, Every Time



Build Platform 2

This is a game changer! No longer will you have to scrape the part off the build platform the parts easily pop off the flexible steel surface when you push the paddles on the side inwards.

The Build Platform 2 with patented Quick Release Technology eliminates risk of damage to your parts and streamlines your workflow.

Work Smarter, Not Harder



ESD Resin

Formlabs ESD Resin is a rugged ESD safe material perfect for users in manufacturing industries that require ESD-safe workstations, tools and fixtures, printing anti-static prototypes and end use components.

This new resin will help manufacturers increase their production yield by reducing failures due to ESD and increase their operational efficiency.

A Fast, High-Quality, Reliable Solution.


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