BREAKING NEWS: Formlabs Release Form 3 and Form 3L

Today at Hannover Messe, Formlabs have announced the latest additions to their 3D printer range.

The Form 3 is a Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) printer, which uses a light processing unit (LPU), parabolic mirror and spatial filter to allow for superbly detailed models. Adaptive layer height allows for the less detailed areas of your model to be printed at a lower resolution, thus lowering print times.

The Form 3L is the same technology as the Form 3, but offers a 5x larger build volume. With a build volume of 200 x 335 x 300mm, using two lasers and two cartridges this is a printer for big builds.

LFS is an advanced form of stereolithography which gently flexes the tank to remove the newly cured resin. This significantly reduces the peel forces per layer and means that supports can be much lighter and touch points smaller.

The different technology means that the tanks are different to those of the Form 2, but the rest of the accessories are compatible between to Form 2 and Form 3. Form 2 cartridges can be used with the Form 3L, but due to the difference in build size, other accessories are not compatible.

At launch, there are ten resins available for use with the Form 3 and 3L, but others are in compatibility testing, with biocompatibility certification also in progress.

With other functions such as Remote Print to start a print from anywhere, sounds to alert you of errors or change of print status, and a self-contained optical unit for ease of maintenance, the Form 3 and 3L are 3D printers for professionals in all industries.

The Form 3 is available to purchase for estimated shipping to start in June 2019. The Form 3L is available for pre-order, first orders are expected to start shipping in Q1 2020.

For more information about the Form 3, visit the Form 3 page here.