Formlabs’ New Build Platform 2 Releases Parts Instantly

Build Platform 2

When Formlabs introduced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) with the Form 3, they significantly improved traditional SLA with more reliable technology.

LFS addressed the biggest engineering challenge with inverted stereolithography; the significant forces exerted on parts during printing. 

In traditional SLA, high peel forces make it difficult to remove intricate parts from support structures without breaking them.

LFS uses a flexible resin tank and linear illumination to reduce print forces, enabling light-touch supports which snap away cleanly.

This week, Formlabs announced a new 3D printer, the Form 3+ (and the Form 3B+, which is the dental version), which prints up to 40% faster.

One of the big upgrades is the Build Platform 2, a second-generation build platform that enhances the qualities of Light Force Stereolithography by making the removal of parts from the build platform even easier.

Crucially, however, Build Platform 2 is also compatible with Formlabs’ older SLA printer, the Form 2, unlocking new efficiency.

Build Platform 2

Build Platform 2 is for parts printed directly on the build platform. It has a stainless steel sheet surface that bends on compression, releasing parts instantly.

Compatible with the Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B, Form 3B+ and Form 2 3D printers, Build Platform 2 has a flexible surface that instantly releases parts with a quick-release mechanism, eliminating the risk of damaging parts using removal tools.

It’s compatible with all released Formlabs materials, including biocompatible resins, and Formlabs is testing future materials to ensure compatibility.

Build Platform 2 solves the issue of mechanically removing parts with tools, speeding up post-processing time and ensuring damage-free removal. When the metal sheet bends, it instantly releases parts without damaging them.

Compared to the original Build Platform, this is a big upgrade. It introduces a stainless steel print surface, quick release, and bio-resin compatibility.

Another handy feature is its compatibility with the Form Wash, letting you insert the Build Platform 2 into the Form Wash after printing with parts attached. This further reduces post-processing times and creates a consistent workflow.

The Form Wash provides automated cleaning for LFS and SLA parts. In October last year, Formlabs also launched the Form Wash L.

To find out more about the Build Platform 2, request a Formlabs sample, call us on 01765 694 007, or send us an email at You can also book a discovery call with our Formlabs specialists Elaine Rutledge or Tammy O’Neill.

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