Formlabs Launches the Form Cure and Form Wash

Form Cure and Form Wash

Manual post-processing extends the manufacturing time of 3D printed models considerably.

In the case of stereolithography-printed models, they ideally need to be thoroughly washed with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) before they are cured using UV light. Both these processes take time and, in the case of UV curing, you ideally need to have a UV post-curing station that’s also heated, to trigger the chemical reaction required to strengthen parts and have them reach their desired mechanical properties.

Formlabs has this week launched a solution to both these things with the Form Cure and the Form Wash.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Form Cure

Form Cure

The Form Cure is a UV post-curing station that’s been specifically designed to accomodate parts printed by the Form 2 3D Printer. The chamber is heat adjustable up to a temperature of 80 °C, and models are bathed in a 405 nm UV light source courtesy of 13 multi-directional UV LEDs.

Compatible with all Formlabs Resins, including all Standard Resins (Clear, White, Grey, Black), Engineering Resins (Tough, Durable, Flexible, High-Temp) and Jewellery and Dentistry Resins, the Form Cure triggers the chemical reaction required for the resins to reach their desired mechanical properties.

The Form Cure also has a rotating turntable for uniform UV exposure, and it has pre-programmed settings for all Formlabs resins. It’s extremely easy to setup and use, and it’s ideal for anybody desiring a consistent curing experience.

Form Wash

Form Wash

The Form Wash is an automated wash station that’s been specifically designed to accomodate parts printed by the Form 2 3D Printer. The tank is a millimetre perfect fit for the Form 2 build plate, which means you can insert your models attached to the build plate. Or, if you prefer, you can remove them.

The Form Wash has an impellar that agitates IPA around inserted models. The tank can be filled with any dilution of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), although we recommend a 90% IPA which you can buy online. The tank holds 8.6-litres of IPA and it can be used to clean 70 models before it needs to be changed.

In the box, you get a hydrometer to to test the IPA periodically, and you get a siphon to safely remove IPA from the tank to the wash bucket. Pre-programmed wash cycles make it easy to select the right one for your parts.

To find out more and to pre-order please visit the Form Cure page or the Form Wash page on our website, or alternatively contact us.