Formlabs Launches Nylon 12 GF Powder for Fuse 1

Formlabs has launched Nylon 12 GF Powder, a glass-reinforced plastic filament for the Fuse 1 3D printer.

Nylon 12 GF powder


Nylon 12 GF is the third material designed for the Fuse 1 ecosystem, boasting the highest heat resistance and sustained load-bearing ability. Parts are stiff, resilient and tough, with fine surface quality.

Fuse 1 users can use Nylon 12 GF to print load-bearing parts, functional prototypes, robust fixtures and parts with threads.

Nylon 12 GF powder parts

The material has a wide range of applications. However, the automotive and aerospace industries will find it most helpful in manufacturing parts under load in high temperatures, such as vents, valves and ductwork.

The high-strength properties of Nylon 12 GF also make it ideal for brackets, housings, enclosures and consumer electronics. The material is stiff and mountable, making it perfect for brackets that would ordinarily be metal.

Nylon 12 GF properties

The image below demonstrates the properties of Nylon 12 GF compared to Nylon 11 and Nylon 12:

Nylon 12 GF

As we can see, Nylon 12 GF has a higher HDT (heat deflection temperature) and a higher tensile modulus (stiffness) than Nylon 11 and Nylon 12, with greater strength than Nylon 12 but less strength than Nylon 11.

From these properties, we can deduce that Nylon 12 GF is best for stiff, resilient parts that will operate in high-temperature environments.

The high heat deflection temperature is the defining feature of Nylon 12 GF, making it far more resilient when exposed to extreme heat. Parts made from Nylon 12 GF are less likely to deform and lose dimensional stability.

Fuse 1

The minimum refresh rate of Nylon 12 GF Powder ranges from 30% to 50%, so it is economical to use. The Fuse Sift manages the mixing of the cartridges, so all you need to do is load the filament, and preparation is automated.

Importantly, switching between Nylon 12 GF and standard Nylon 12 does not require time-intensive cleaning. Only two hours is needed for preparation and cleaning, keeping you up and running for longer with minimal downtime.

Source: Formlabs.

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