Formlabs Launches New Resin for Direct Jewellery Investment Casting.

Formlabs has announced the launch of Castable Wax 40 Resin, engineered exclusively for jewellers. Formlabs partnered with leading jewellery material supplier Rio Grande Jewelry to develop and validate Castable Wax 40 Resin for intensive professional use and proved it to be one of the highest performance casting resins on the market.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Castable Wax 40 Resin:

It is perfect for:

  • Heavy jewellery – cast engraved text, stone holes, and channels with confidence using Castable Wax 40 Resin.
  • Bridal jewellery – Castable Wax 40 Resin can support the smallest and most intricate features.

Some other key points:

  • It is a 40% blend of solid and liquid waxes that work together to achieve low expansion and exceptional casting performance.
  • Compatible with leading jewellery investment powders.
  • High detail and surface smoothness with handling characteristics similar to blue carving wax.
  • Compatible with the Form 3/3B with the new improved Form 3 Resin Tank V2.1 or the Form 2 with a Resin Tank LT


Integrating Castable Wax 40 Resin In Your Digital Workflow

Compared to the traditional wax carving workflow, the digital 3D printing workflow can significantly save time and costs. Digital design means endless possibilities for jewellery, enabling designers to efficiently create even the most complex models with high accuracy.

Creating digital resin cast designs which are compatible with your caster’s production line means less polishing, less laser welding, fewer rejected designs and test cycles are needed. Furthermore, it is easy to preserve custom designs, which can be modified or recreated as needed. Producing results similar to injection wax, Formlabs Castable Wax 40 Resin and 3D printing make a powerful combination.

Layer heights 25/50 microns.

Washing requirements 5+5 min washes.

No post curing requirements.

For more information, speak to one of our Formlabs specialists now on 01765 635 007 or email