Formlabs Dental Sets the New Standard of Dental Practice Care

Customer Interview- How A Family Dental Practice is Setting the New Standard of Care with Formlabs Dental

Since 1985, The Dr Horvath Family Practice has been a specialised family business for high-quality dentistry and orthodontics in Jestetten, Germany.

Alongside his father, Dr. Sebastian Horvath focuses on aesthetic restorative dentistry, while his wife, an orthodontist, represents the second focus of the practice. With over ten years of experience in digital dentistry, Dr. Horvath also teaches at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and the Düsseldorf University Hospital (Germany), and is a prosthetics specialist at the German Society for Prosthetic Dentistry and Biomaterials (DGPro)

The family team often handles complex cases that require full orthodontic pre-treatment and implant surgery, where accuracy is key to a successful placement. In this interview, Dr. Horvath explains how advanced digitalisation guarantees control at every stage of treatment and why 3D printing is the new standard of care that should have a firm place in any dental practice.

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