Formlabs Announces New Castable Resin

Formlabs Gesswein

Formlabs are on a roll this year. Last month, they announced a new resin called Dental SG – the company’s first bio-compatible resin designed for dental applications with the Form 2 3D printer. That particular resin allows dental professionals to directly print surgical and pilot drill guides with incredible accuracy. You can find out more about it here.

This month, another resin has been announced. It’s a reformulated version of the company’s much-loved Castable Resin, first launched in 2014, and it has been designed specifically for fine jewellery. In addition to this, Formlabs has also announced new fine settings for the Form 2 to make use of the new Castable Resin’s properties.

New Castable Resin

The new Castable Resin has been specifically designed for the fine jewellery industry. Like its predecessor, the new and reformulated Castable Resin burns cleanly without ash or residue for perfect investment casting, and it has a smooth surface finish ensuring accurate layer placement and less metal wastage.

The new Castable Resin is blue and it has a wax-like appearance which makes it easy to inspect and prepare for printed parts. It has several improvements over the older version, including a smoother surface finish and better detail and accuracy so tiny details like prongs can be printed and challenging filigree and organic shapes can be printed.

New Castable Resin

Speaking about the new Castable Resin, Dávid Lakatos, Head of Product at Formlabs, said:

“Since we first launched Castable Resin in 2014, the material has taken off in the jewellery world for many different applications. Over the past two years we saw a wide adoption from individual bench-top jewellers all the way to large international casting houses. We worked side-by-side with many of our customers to gather feedback for the reformulated Castable Resin to accentuate those specific capabilities important to jewellery professionals.”

Form 2 Fine Settings

Alongside the reformulated Castable Resin, Formlabs has introduced new Fine Detail settings on the Form 2. These settings have been designed especially for Castable Resin and they are optimised for printing jewellery with fine detail. They are optimised to make full use of all available Castable Resin layer thickness’s, and as a result, they boost print speed considerably without sacrificing part quality – for example, you can print at a 50-micron resolution quicker than ever before.



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