Formlabs Announces Exciting New Engineering Materials

Formlabs 10K

Formlabs has today announced 3 new resins for the Form 3 3D printer line-up. The resins – Rigid 10K, Rigid 4000, Draft Resin (updated formula) – offer outstanding performance and cover a wide range of potential applications.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rigid 10K

– Ideal for short production runs
– Suitable for industrial applications
– Heat resistant and suitable for fluid exposed components
– Simulates the stiffness of glass and fibre-filled thermoplastics

Rigid 10K is a resin for manufacturing rigid, strong and stiff industrial parts for use in high-wear applications. It is ideal for products like test models and injection mould masters because it is the stiffest material in the Engineering portfolio.

You can use Rigid 10K in place of ABS as a much stronger material. It’s suitable for heat or fluid exposed components, enabling it to be used in multiple applications, from hydraulics and pneumatics to geotechnical engineering. We recommend Rigid 10K for parts that need to withstand significant load without bending.

Rigid 4000

– Ideal for end-use applications
– Suitable for load-bearing applications
– Engineered to tolerate physical stress
– Simulates the stiffness and strength of PEEK

Rigid 4000 is a resin for end-use and consumer-facing applications. It stimulates the stiffness and strength of PEEK with a high-quality finish. Parts and models printed with Rigid 4000 are smooth and have a polished finish with no post-processing.

Rigid 4000 is engineered to tolerate physical stress. You can use it in any application that demands outstanding durability, and in applications where load-bearing capability is desired. Examples include brackets, fixings and fasteners. We recommend Rigid 4000 in place of standard resins if you desire increased durability.

Draft Resin (improved formula)

– 3 to 4 times faster than standard resins
– New professional finish (light grey)
– Better surface quality
– The ability to print down to 200 microns

In addition to two all-new resins, Formlabs has also announced an update to their hugely popular Draft Resin. Draft Resin can 3D print models 3 to 4 times faster than standard resins, boosting output and manufacturing capability considerably.

Improvements over the old formulation include an improved surface finish with the ability to print at 200 microns and a more professional appearance (the new version is light grey while the other version is blue). It is also easier to use, with the new formulation allowing for less support touchpoints to reduce wash and cure times.

3D printer compatibility

Rigid 10K and Rigid 4000 are compatible with the Form 3 3D printer series. They take advantage of the Form 3 and Form 3L’s LFS (Light Force Stereolithography) technology for the best possible 3D printing experience.

Draft Resin is also compatible with the Form 3 and Form 3L. Draft Resin is the best material for creating general prototypes. You can use it for initial prototypes, live 3D printing demos, rapid design iterations and high throughput applications.

To find out more about Formlabs resins and materials, you can reach out to our team. We are a Formlabs Certified Partner in the United Kingdom.

Image credits: Formlabs.