Form 3 vs. Form 2 | Comparing Formlabs Desktop 3D Printers

Form 3+ Vs. Form 2: Comparing Formlabs Desktop 3D Printers


With the Form 3+ and Form 3B+ now shipping, we look at the differences that have evolved in the seven years since Formlabs announced the Form 2 Printer in 2015.

After Toms Guide named the the Form 2 best resin printer in 2019 – we ask exactly how did Formlabs take the Form 3+ to another level of 3D Printing and even better and slicker version of their award winning Form 2? Read on to find out more about Form 3+ Vs Form 2 …


Form 3+ A Lower Force Print Process


The Form 3+/3B+ and 3L family use Low Force Stereilithography (LFS) technology which is an advanced form of stereolithography used by the Form 2.

Low Force Stereolithography technology drastically reduces peel forces for significant increases in print quality and printer reliability. Decreased peel forces lead to incredible surface quality, easier support removal, and cutting-edge material possibilities.


Form 3+ Optics


The Light Processing Unit (LPU) in the Form 3+ delivers the highest optical precision, part accuracy, and consistent printing over time and is easier to replace in the rare case that optical issues arise.

Form 3+ Print From Anywhere With Remote Print


The Form 3 introduced the ability to start prints from anywhere. Pre-prime the printer before you leave, then start the next print job from anywhere in the world (not just the local network).

Form 3+ Truly Nonstop Printing

The Form 3+ brought several new features to push toward maximum uptime:

  • Even more integrated sensors across the printer detect and maintain ideal print conditions and alert you when the printer needs your attention. The optical sensor can even detect dust!
  • The Light Processing Unit, resin tank, rollers, and optics window are designed to be easily replaced in-house. Some Form 2 components are user-replaceable, and we’ve learned from working with users how to make these replacements even more intuitive.
  • Improved failure detection and handling means you can experiment with challenging geometries with ease. If a print fails, the Form 3 can print a cleaning mesh for easy removal. The Form 3+ takes printer reliability to the next level with more features to help you spend less time checking on your printer so you can focus on designing and creating.


Form 3+ Familiar Workflows, New Ways to Interact

If you’ve used a Form 2 before, the overall workflow for the Form 3+ is familiar. The form 3+ has even better features to make interacting with the printer even easier:

  • A larger, higher resolution touchscreen. The Form 3 can be controlled completely digitally from the screen, while the Form 2 includes an additional button. A larger screen also enables future translations of the interface into new languages.
  • Two LED status indicators and a speaker for ambient visual and audio alerts ideal for drawing the attention of anyone passing by.
  • Sleek, redesigned hardware with a printer cover that opens up flat against the wall, optics protected from resin exposure, and components that are easily replaced by the user.


Form 3+ Vs Form 2


Current Form 2 users can upgrade to the Form 3+ or Form 3B+ with Additive-X and receive a £500 voucher to spend on Formlabs consumables. Contact Elaine or Tammy for more information about how the Form 3+ Vs Form 2

This offer expires 31st December 2022


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