Customer Story – Fabricating Clear Aligners in a Private Orthodontic Practice

SmileMaker Orthodontics Dr. Burton of SmileMaker Orthodontics is known as the best Orthodontist in Hendersonville and East Nashville. They make the braces process fun and easy.

Dr. Burton was increasingly frustrated by working with outside aligner manufacturers, which were expensive, had long turnaround times, and weren’t up to his quality standards. He was determined to deliver better care than that to his patients and researched ways to bring clear aligner production in-house. He learned about 3D printers, but the only options were prohibitively expensive for the average orthodontic practice

Things changed when Dr. Burton first heard about Formlabs technology. The affordable price point, ease of use, and impressive accuracy enticed him to take a chance on in-house 3D printing. He now uses them, along with Planmeca OrthoStudio and uLab, to fabricate clear aligners onsite for most of his aligner cases. He can now even deliver same-day clear aligners and retainers to patients.


With in-house 3D printing, Dr. Burton has much more control over the clear aligner treatments he offers his patients. He can deliver high-quality appliances on an ambitious schedule — even same-day — while saving costs.


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