Essentium Launches HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder 3D Printer 

Essentium has launched an all-new 3D printer at this years’ Formnext, the HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder. This compact powerhouse is small enough to fit in small factory spaces and automates filament switching for continuous 3D printing.

The Essentium HSE 240 3D Printer has a dual extrusion print head, so it can print both a support material and core material at the same time. You can use breakaway or soluble supports to suit the types of models you make.

Users can print Essentium’s own filament range, including TPU, PEKK, PEEK, and High-Temperature Nylon filaments, or they can use third-party filaments thanks to open filament support, opening up unlimited opportunities!

Small, economical and automated

The HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder will transform your additive manufacturing process with automatic filament spool switching and a build chamber capable of up to 185°C, unlocking new engineering materials that go beyond standard plastics.

Essentium HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder

The Essentium mobile app enables remote monitoring of the print, including 3D printer readouts, progress and settings. The printer comes with Essentium’s free OS and mobile app, with slicing handled by your favourite slicing software.

The automated filament swap out and insulated heat chamber ensure minimal operator intervention is needed for the 3D printer. The HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder can print all day with no input, unlocking new workflow efficiencies.

HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder specifications

Here are the printer specs:

  • Technology: High-Speed Extrusion
  • Print Heads: One dual extrusion print head
  • Position Accuracy: XY < 30 μm, Z < 5 μm
  • Part Accuracy: .15% or 0.25 mm (whichever is larger)
  • Encoder Accuracy: 1 μm
  • Part Speed: 375 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 430 x 350 x 375 mm
  • Nozzle: Hozzle™ heated nozzle
  • Nozzle Diameters: 0.4, 0.8 mm
  • Bed Plate Temperature: Up to 190°C
  • Build Chamber Temperature: Up to 185°C
  • Printer Dimensions:: 1168 x 795 x 1687 mm
  • Net Weight: 452 kg
  • Additional Features: Non-slip, high-torque extrusion system, X-Y stage linear servo motors

As you can see, the HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder is engineered for small factories that demand high-quality additive manufacturing in small spaces.

Overall, the HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder is a fantastic addition to Essentium’s line-up! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are Essentium’s UK distributor, offering all their printers and support to customers.

To find out more about the new Essentium HSE 240 HT, call us on 01765 694 007. We are an authorised UK partner to Essentium.