Digital Orthodontics at Scale at the UK’s Largest Ortho Lab

Customer Story – Digital Orthodontics at Scale at the UK’s Largest Ortho Lab

Ashford Orthodontics is the largest orthodontic laboratory in the United Kingdom with a 12,000 square foot facility and over 50 employees, offering specialist orthodontic technical services to orthodontic and dental professionals.

The lab had to adopt digital orthodontics workflows to cater to the growing number of digital customers, but the high cost and complexity of operating large-scale 3D printers meant that they struggled to make a viable case for digital in their business.

By running a fleet of 12 Form 2 stereolithography 3D printers, Ashford managed to produce high-quality clear aligners at scale quickly, and achieve a cost advantage that empowers them to grow and attract new customers.


  • 1,200 clear aligners and retainers per month produced digitally.
  • 24 hours saved in lead time compared to the traditional workflow.
  • Digital orthodontics overall cost comparable to the traditional workflow.


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