Did you Catch our Robo​ ​C2​​ ​on​ ​The​ ​Gadget​ ​Show​?

Fresh from announcing our partnership with Robo 3D, one of our Robo C2 3D printers was featured on The Gadget Show last night on Channel 5. The new Christmas-themed episode, which will be available on the catch up service My5 soon, is the 10th in Series 26 and saw presenters Georgie Barrat, Jon Bentley, Ortis Deley and Craig Charles battle it out to create perfect Christmas experiences with gadgets, and present a guide to the best Christmas presents available.

So, how did our Robo C2 get on?

Well, our Robo C2 was used to 3D print Christmas decorations for Georgie’s section of the competition. Georgie was tasked with setting the perfect present-opening experience, and put the Robo C2 to good use by 3D printing some very cool PAC-MAN decorations for the Christmas tree. These were joined by pre-made gin-filled baubles, which went down a hit.

Sadly, Georgie only managed second place in the competition, succumbing to Craig’s Christmas entertainment masterclass.

Did you know: This isn’t the first time we have helped The Gadget Show! We also helped them out back in 2015 by lending them an Ultimaker 2, which was used to 3D print a carabiner successfully. 

We’d like to give a big thanks to the people at The Gadget Show for the opportunity to help out once again.

About the Robo C2

Robo C2

The Robo C2 is an affordable fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printer with a variety of advanced, consumer-friendly features. These include a 3.5″ touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app support, which means you can control the C2 using your iPhone or iPad. In addition to these useful features, the C2 prints down to a 20 – 300 micron (0.02 – 0.3 mm) layer height and offers a spacious 127 x 127 x 152.4 mm (5 x 5 x 6 in) build volume for all your ideas.

The C2 can 3D print standard PLA, Flexible TPE, Flexible TPU, and a wide range of specialist PLA materials, including proprietary Robo filaments and third-party filaments from manufacturers such as ColorFabb, NinjaFlex, e-Sun, Hatchbox and MatterHackers. In total, the Robo C2 can 3D print over 20 materials for endless creation possibilities. And, at the low price of £799.00 including VAT, it’s affordable too. Interested in one for your design setup? Call us on 01765 540 115 or Talk To Us at web@goprint3d.co.uk to find out more.