Company Update from Express Group Ltd and GoPrint3D (Additive-X Ltd from December 2020) in response to the second national lockdown.

Following the Prime Ministers announcement that England will once again go into a lockdown from Thursday 5th of November, we wanted to reassure you that there will be no change to our current operations. We remain open for business as usual supporting all our customers in healthcare, research, manufacturing, distribution and many more essential industries.


During the first UK-wide lockdown period, we established COVID-secure processes and controls that have enabled us to operate safely. We have a combination of employees working from home and also in our “super-Covid-secure” workplace – with lots of SPACE, an office full of the latest technology and free flowing fresh Yorkshire air from the open windows (we have company fleeces!)


By working closely with our suppliers and other key stakeholders we are doing everything we can to pre-empt and overcome the challenges COVID-19 continues to place on supply chains and our sales team are available for online meetings, demos and of course the good old reliable telephone to assist you with any current or future projects.


We thank you for your continued support.


From all of the team at Express Group and GoPrint3D

(Additive-X from December 2020)